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Inside Paws HQ - Puppy Therapy Specialists
March 08, 2023

Inside Paws HQ - February

2023 is in full swing and we’re back for another edition of Inside Paws, going behind the scenes at the best job in the world! Find out what we got up to in February at Paws in Work.

inside paws hq - december
December 21, 2022

Inside Paws HQ - December

It's been a fantastic year at Paws in Work, we've doubled our team, doubled our events, and are now looking forward to seeing what 2023 brings!  Find out what the team has been up to in the last month of 2022. 

inside paws hq - october
November 11, 2022

Inside Paws HQ - October

Inside Paws is back this month for another peek at what goes on behind the scenes. Ever wondered what the puppies and Paws in Work staff get up to? Look no further... this is your jealousy warning!

inside paws hq - september
October 06, 2022

Inside Paws HQ - September

Best job in the world? We can't deny it! Find out what we got up to at Paws in Work in September. Warning: cute puppy content.

Inside Paws HQ - Puppy Therapy Specialists
August 04, 2022

Inside Paws HQ - July

July has been a very special month for many reasons. We celebrated our 4th birthday at Paws in Work, visited Saint Francis hospice with a very special guest and one of our favourite puppies made a return.

Paws HQ Blog Thumbnail High res
July 05, 2022

Inside Paws HQ - June

Here at Paws in Work, we always get told that we have the best job in the world and can’t deny it. So we’re here to fill you in on what has been happening at Paws HQ in June.

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