inside paws hq - december
December 21, 2022

Inside Paws HQ - December

We're rounding off 2022 with a sneak peek into what went on behind the scenes at Paws in Work during the last couple of months of the year (hint, it's been busy!)

We socialised a total of 9 litters of loveable puppies over the course of November and December, with 6 different breeds enjoying their time with some very happy attendees. Two new starters joined the pack, teams enjoyed wellbeing days and we even decorated the office for Christmas and then celebrated with a big party!

inside paws hq - december

Welcome to the pack!

The Paws in Work family grew even more and we welcomed Curtis and Molly to the pack!

Curtis is our Operations Executive, making sure our puppy therapy events run as smoothly as possible from the date of booking, right up to when we leave your office after having the best day at work ever!

Molly joins our breeder team as Breeder Accounts Executive, working closely alongside our ethical breeder partners and ensuring the puppies remain our number one priority! Molly will also be in charge of picking up the pups in our specially adapted puppy van and bringing them to our events - she may just be your new favourite person.

Welcome to the team Molly and Curtis, enjoy those puppy cuddles - by the looks of things they already are!

paws in work careers

Want to join the pack? Find out here if we have any career openings for you.

Celebrating 2022

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2022 has been a fantastic year for Paws in Work. After the pandemic which shaped our working lives like never before, we have been so grateful to bounce back better than we could ever have imagined. 214 puppy therapy events, over 15,000 happy attendees, 39 litter of puppies socialised and 50 mental health courses delivered. We told you it had been busy!

To celebrate an amazing year, the Paws in Work team headed out to Syon Park for a burlesque-themed Christmas party. Feather boas, casino tables and bumper cars was the perfect way to end 2022.

Stay tuned for 2023, exciting things are coming!

Meet our Christmas pups

We always get asked if the puppies we work with have names, most of the time the breeder partners we work with don't give them names as they tend to get attached. So instead, we name them, and guess what? We get attached.

We like to come up with fun themes for their names to help us distinguish the pups and this can be helpful when we feedback to their owners with a puppy report at the end of the day. This month, we came up with a Christmas theme for our cheeky Cockapoos. Meet them over on Linkedin here, you won't be disappointed!


If you've got a litter of puppies you’d like to join our socialisation program, get in touch today.

Wellbeing Days

This year, we introduced wellbeing days as part of our own employee wellbeing strategy. Though we get to work with puppies, we still need to take out of the working day and do something that makes us happy. In November it was the Sales and Creative department's turn for their wellbeing day.

The creative team, Emily and Hannah, took themselves to the Lush Spa in Oxford Street for a treatment each - there was even a chocolate scrub and a candy floss mocktail! Olivia and Abby on the sales team took a trip to the theatre so see Pretty Woman, The Musical before heading out for a festive drink and a wander around a very Christmassy London.

Get in touch today to find out how you can implement an employee wellbeing strategy into your business.

inside paws hq - december

... And lastly our favourite photo of the month

inside paws hq - december
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