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puppy cuddles
mental health
July 15, 2020

puppy cuddles impact on mental health

Want some science behind why you need puppy cuddles 24/7? Look no further!

support yourself and your colleagues
mental health
July 03, 2020

how to support yourself and your colleagues post lockdown

Whether you're excited or feeling a bit apprehensive about returning to your workplace, we're here to help make the transition as smooth as possible for you.

20203 PIW i Q Student 385
mental health
May 26, 2020

mental health awareness week is no gimmick

Recognising and rewarding compassion in the workplace is an excellent way to encourage a positive culture, as a start. In the long-run, though, it’s important that it’s embedded into the way you operate across the entire business.

DSC 2361
mental health
April 16, 2020

social media is awesome... when used right

We do have a complicated relationship with social media on account of its comparison culture, trolling and data concerns, but, well, it’s pretty fantastic, too, it’s gotta be said, when used right.

202003 PIW Project Hoxton 0164
mental health
March 31, 2020

how mental health first aid training can help your team to flourish

Ladies, gentlemen and esteemed non-binary readers, we beg your patience as we briefly dip our toes into the desperation of poor mental health (promising an optimistic ending) beyond life being ‘a bit tricky’.

202003 PIW CBRE 2054
mental health
December 17, 2019

time to focus on mental health in your workplace

As we explored in our last blog, supporting staff through mental health difficulties can save businesses money.

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