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Paws in work - Puppy therapy specialists

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our mission is simple...

to create a better life for people and pups.

We are puppy therapy specialists who bring a litter of gorgeous puppies to your office, create a dedicated puppy-safe environment, and then welcome staff members to come and stock up on cuddles and belly rubs.

Mission statement
puppy socialising

We want to aid in the socialisation of puppies by giving them the best start in life and that’s where you come in. Our puppies get the chance to meet new friends and have fun while developing their social skills.

employee wellbeing

We want to improve mental health in the workplace by giving staff the headspace to play, laugh and relax with some new best friends. We want to combat some of the stresses and isolation work life can have.

ethical breeders

We want to raise important awareness of the ethical breeding of dogs by sharing our knowledge and advice. By sharing what you’ll soon know, we can help to put a stop to unethical breeding and puppy farms.

“the response has been phenomenal, the excitement here is full on!”
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“we can’t believe how quickly the day booked up, it was like booking glastonbury tickets!”
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“it made my year. my team said they had never seen me so happy!”
“we've had the best day at work, it's just really relaxing and has made us really happy!”
“the day we had was incredible. it was described as the best day ever at gumtree!”
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“there was an infectious energy triggered by the event, without question a complete and unabridged success!”
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“it’s days like today that make you want to stay at qc forever! this has made my year!”
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why we do it

Our sessions provide a chance to ‘switch off’ from mental stressors and can also lower blood pressure as well as decreasing levels of the stress-related hormone cortisol. They also provide puppies with much-needed socialisation helping them grow to be happy dogs.

More about us
of employees experience poor mental health due to work.

More than 1 in 5 admitted to calling in sick to avoid workplace stress - with 42% even considering resigning.

On average a further 2 hours commute time, is added to a typical 9-5 working day. Meaning our time to 'switch off' is limited.

of employees feel they don’t have enough interaction with their colleagues
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