Breeder Partners.

One of the main questions we get asked is, “Do you own the puppies you work with?’’ Sadly we don’t live in a large house with hundreds of litters of puppies (as great as that would be!). When anyone joins a puppy therapy session, they have full trust that the puppies have been sourced from our network of trusted and reputable Breeder Partners that share the same commitment to ethical breeding and puppy welfare.

We wouldn’t be where we are without our amazing breeder partners and the litters of puppies we work with; Paws in Work without puppies would be interesting…

Ethical Breeding.

So what exactly does ethical dog breeding mean? Ethical dog breeding means putting the needs and the welfare of dogs at the heart of breeding plans. An ethical breeder should always ensure their dogs are being well cared for and the puppies produced have the best chance of being healthy and happy.

We ensure that every step of the way, we only work with breeder partners who operate ethically and who also have the wellbeing of the pups at heart as much as we do.

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Ethical dog breeding goes beyond the puppies at our events. We want to educate as many people as possible about the world of ethical dog breeding; as well as the dangers of unethical breeding. We continue to raise awareness by having open conversations at our puppy therapy events, creating content on social media or sharing our knowledge over on our blogs.

“We are a nation of dog lovers but are still very uneducated on what ‘good breeding’ really looks like, we're here to change that.”

- Paws in Work

Welfare Checks.

Before we begin working with a new breeder partner, our Puppy Welfare team will conduct extensive welfare checks to ensure the new partner meets our welfare standards and satisfies our insurance and licensing requirements. Our checks will consist of initial video calls and home visits.

The Puppy Welfare team will assess a variety of factors before fully onboarding potential new breeder partners. If we are happy that our new breeder partner fulfils the criteria and represents what good ethical breeding is, and all our checks are satisfied, they will be fully onboarded to be a part of our programme.

Paws in Work Breeder Partners

The Benefits.

Who benefits from our events then? The short answer is everyone; attendees, puppies, bitch and our breeder partners.

We have spent years working with experts in the industry, to ensure our events have been planned with every small detail in mind. Our carefully structured sessions are designed to support puppies in the vital socialisation period of their development.

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We are helping to shape the puppies on our socialisation programme into confident, resilient, friendly puppies, giving them the best start to life as possible. The ideal opportunity to socialise puppies doesn’t always present itself to every dog owner, but with Paws in Work, the puppies are given a fun, safe environment that is perfect for them to become more used to meeting different people, experience new textures, smells, sounds, sights and getting used to travelling too.

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Whilst the puppies are having fun, socialising and learning. The bitch of the litter is typically at home relaxing (very well deserved if you ask us!). The short time away from her pups is beneficial for both her and her litter. It can help the natural weaning process, help develop independence and sometimes even recover from birth. Our events are a great way for mum to gradually detach herself from the puppies prior to them leaving for their forever homes. It also gives puppies the confidence to learn the new surroundings with the comfort of their brothers and sisters by their side.


Breeder Partners.

We understand just how much work goes into caring for a litter of puppies as well as mum, that’s why we ensure the breeder partners benefit from our programme too. Ethical breeding comes with many costs, such as health testing, vaccinations, microchipping, C-sections and stud fees. That’s why, for every event their puppies come to, we contribute a set fee to help with these costs. Our breeder partners will receive a full overview of their pup's strengths and weaknesses, helping to continue development at home.

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Mental Health.

We know firsthand the level of care a litter of puppies requires, our events allow our breeder partners some well-needed time away from the litter to focus on their mental health. This is especially beneficial to those breeders who may have another litter at home or have another job that requires their time. Our service includes collecting and returning the puppies, updates throughout the day plus top standard care all day. We are effectively running a puppy daycare, with so many added benefits.

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Want to become a breeder partner?

If you are an experienced breeder, expecting your first litter and in need of support, or if you are simply interested in how we can work together in the future, please do leave us your details below to request a breeder partner brochure from us.

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