Puppy Therapy

Our mission is ‘to create a better life for people and pups’. Through cleverly crafted puppy therapy events and mental health training, we aim to prevent issues surrounding ill mental health in the workplace and beyond.

With 1 in 6 people experiencing mental health problems in the workplace and 12 billion working days lost every year due to mental health, it’s clear there needs to be more awareness and early intervention surrounding employees and their mental health.

Our fully licensed puppy therapy events are a chance for employees to take time away from their desks, switch off and spend 25 minutes with a litter of puppies in our summer garden set-up. Even during the busiest working day, we believe that cuddling and playing with puppies is an ideal way to redress the balance.

The Event.

We transform your office space into a specially constructed ‘summer garden’ and invite your employees to come down and spend some time with a litter of gorgeous puppies. Our puppy space is enclosed and secure, ensuring both the puppies' safety and your staff’s comfort.

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Puppy Socialisation.

Each session of your day will play a specific part in our puppy socialisation programme, meaning your staff play a direct part in their vital development, giving a sense of gratification on top of all the cuddles.

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The Benefits.

Scientific studies have shown a positive effect from the activity of interacting with a pet, including decreased blood pressure and reduced levels of cortisol. Animal therapy can reduce anxiety and assist with depression, motivation and loneliness.

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Enquire Now.

Our 5* Google reviews and extensive client list mean we will guarantee seamless running, maximum uptake, and a day that your employees will remember for years to come. Our team of over 25 staff will ensure your day runs without a hitch! Book now with confidence.

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Ethical breeding
The Benefits
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