Inside Paws - puppy therapy specialists
May 12, 2023

Inside Paws HQ - April

We can’t quite believe we’ve finished another month here at Paws in Work and we’re already a quarter of the way through 2023. Last month, we socialised 5 litters of puppies, delivered 18 puppy therapy events, hosted an exclusive pup-up for our clients and some of the Paws in Work staff became Mental Health First Aiders.

Read on to go behind the scenes at the best job in the world - your words, not ours (though we do agree!)

Inside Paws - puppy therapy specialists

Welcome to the pack!

Our mission at Paws in Work is to create a better life for people and pups, and we couldn’t do that without the help of our amazing team. That’s why we were so excited to welcome some new starters to the pack in April: Steph and Mitchell.

Steph joins our Event Team who will be on hand to make sure our clients have the best day at work ever! You can find her at our puppy therapy sessions chatting with attendees, educating them on ethical breeding and the importance of puppy socialisation.

Also joining the team is Mitchell as Breeder Assistant. He will be helping the Breeder Team in ensuring the litter of puppies we work with gain the most benefit from our socialisation programme, from the moment they are born right up until they leave for their forever homes!

Inside Paws - puppy therapy specialists

Meet our Labradors

We’ve worked with plenty of Labradors over the years, from chocolate to silver Labradors. But this was the first time we welcomed on to our programme chocolate, white and black in one litter! Working alongside our ethical breeder partner, a gorgeous litter of 9 Labradors melted some attendee's hearts over the course of the month with us. Sadly we couldn’t take all 9 out with us everyday due to their size but they each got an opportunity to experience puppy therapy sessions with Paws in Work and they absolutely loved it!

Our favourite thing is watching the puppies grow in confidence with us, and these Labradors certainly did! Watch them develop over the month here.

Inside Paws - Puppy therapy specialists

Got a litter of puppies you'd like socialising, get in touch with our breeder team today.

Watercooler event

A few of us from Paws in Work attended the latest Watercooler event at the Excel centre: Connecting workplace wellbeing solutions. The event focussed on the workplace wellbeing, mental health, and employee culture with professionals coming together to discover ideas, solutions and practical takeaways.

It was an opportunity to engage with other wellbeing providers, listen to insightful talks from workplace wellbeing experts, as well as gain insight into what employees want and expect from a workplace.

“The future of work is human” was the key takeaway from the day. Engage with your employees, ask them what they want, provide an environment where they feel at home but that is also practical. Move away from the tickbox exercise surrounding mental health and ensure that wellbeing isn’t owned by a single department, it starts from the top and everyone is responsible.

Inside Paws -  employee wellbeing

Pup Date of the month

Most of the time, the puppies we work with will have their forever homes lined up, and their experiences at Paws in Work set them up for success when they eventually leave Mum and litter-mates to go to their new family. Last month, we were so happy to receive a Pup Date from one of the Cockapoo puppies we socialised at the end of last year; Charlie.

Head over to our Instagram to find out what Charlie has been up to over the last 6 months, it’s no surprise he’s turned into a handsome, loveable puppy who has gotten into the habit of resting his head on people's laps and pats them in hope of getting a treat… sounds like we taught Charlie well!

5 photo 2

A special guest

As one of our clients (CDP) wellbeng providers, Abby our Sales Manager was invited down to their wellbeing fair; designed to showcase to their staff what benefits are available to them.

Although Abby couldn’t bring a whole litter of puppies with her, her dog Nellie was the perfect guest for the day as a Paws in Work graduate. We socialised Nellie and her littermates back in 2021 and Abby completely fell in love - how could you not?!

It’s safe to say she loved being back in the office environment and was not short of attention and belly rubs. Having her there allowed the Mental Health conversation to open up as well as making people incredibly happy.

Enquire today about our Mental Health training and masterclasses - you never know, Nellie could turn up too!

Inside Paws - employee wellbeing provider

Team spotlight

It’s no surprise that our puppy therapy sessions run as smoothly as can be due to the team behind them. That includes our Breeder Accounts Assistant, Molly. You can find her working closely alongside our ethical breeder partners and ensuring the puppies remain our number one priority.

Find out more about Molly’s role over on Linkedin.

Inside paws - puppy therapy specialists

And lastly, our favourite photo of the month...

Inside Paws - puppy therapy specialists
We wish we could nap at work like this
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