MHFA Accredited Courses.

MHFA England are the only provider of licensed Mental Health First Aid Instructor Training in England, accredited by the Royal Society for Public Health. MHFA England are the largest provider of Mental Health First Aid training in the UK and Europe, with over ten years of experience supporting businesses to create and sustain healthier workplaces.

Mental Health First Aider

As a ‘Mental Health First Aider’, you will be part of the wellbeing frontline and will play a crucial role in providing support for colleagues or friends who are experiencing mental health issues. On the course, you will develop key skills such as spotting signs and triggers of mental health issues, improving on non-judgemental listening and learning how to support a person in distress.

MHFA First Aider

Mental Health Champion

As a ‘Mental Health Champion’ you gain a more in-depth understanding of mental health issues with the ability to spot signs of mental ill-health. Gain the skills to support positive wellbeing with the knowledge and confidence to advocate for mental health awareness. Champions are some of the biggest advocates for raising awareness for mental health both inside and outside of the workplace.

MHFA Champion

Mental Health Aware

The Mental Health 'Aware’ course offers an opportunity to learn what mental health is whilst gaining a basic understanding of some common mental health issues. It will give an introduction to looking after your own mental health whilst teaching how to challenge the stigma of mental health related issues. It provides the perfect foundation to start your mental health learning journey.

MHFA Aware

Mental Health Refresher

Training staff as mental health first aiders, or as mental health champions, is a great step towards establishing a sound mental health strategy and supporting your employees. Courses such as these give people the skills to support themselves and the people they work with. Once you have started to do this though, it’s really important that your staff brush up on their skills from time to time - after all, these roles can hold a lot of responsibility!

MHFA Refresher

Mental Health Skills for Managers

To create a mentally healthy workplace it is vital to build supportive relationships between managers and team members. This four-hour training course will provide a consistent approach to mental health and wellbeing, promoting healthy performance across the whole organisation.

Mental Health Skills For Managers

Just some of our amazing mental health training clients

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“I thought it was great. The trainer was very engaging, knowledgeable and fun to be taught by!”
- Debbie Smith
“I loved the fact the trainer was so transparent in presenting! She was great in guiding conversations and keeping the discussions on topic.”
- Katie Downes
“I took away some very useful tools and techniques that I could use myself, as well as support those around me.”
- Matthew Wren Andrew
“Amazing, just amazing! I loved the course, I loved the trainer, I loved the content and just wanted to learn more and more!”
- Mark Bowman
“The Be Mental Health Aware session has made me want to do the two-day mental health first aid course and I look forward to doing that as soon as I can!”
- Gemma Williams
“The Be Mental Health Aware course translates very well to an online format and is a great introduction to having positive, open discussions about mental health!”
- Luke Roberts

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