Inside Paws HQ - May
June 09, 2023

Inside Paws HQ - May

Welcome to another edition of Inside Paws HQ, an opportunity to go backstage at what we’ve been told is the best job in the world - we can’t disagree!

With it being Mental Health Awareness Week in May, it was an incredibly busy time at Paws in Work with everyone getting stuck in to make it a successful and rewarding month. We had a record-breaking 38 puppy therapy events over the course of May, and 15 mental health training courses!

Our puppy therapy events made over 2500 employees smile across London and beyond - that’s pretty impressive (if we do say so ourselves!). As always, our mission is to create a better life for people and pups, so that’s why we are proud to say we socialised a total of 83 puppies in May from 11 different litters. These included Dachshunds, Labradors, Dogue de Bordeaux’s, Cockapoos, and Pugs!

Read on to find out more about what we got up to at Paws in Work in May…

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Mental Health Awareness Week

Last month, we celebrated Mental Health Awareness Week. The theme for 2023 was anxiety, so to support our clients we organised three free webinar talks throughout the week covering different anxiety-related topics: how anxiety affects our sleep, feeds bad eating habits, and how to break your anxiety cycle. Our expert MHFA trainers alongside some of our very own Paws in Work staff shared practical tips on how to better understand and manage their anxiety. The response was amazing and we’re already getting ready for World Mental Health Day in October… stay tuned!

As well as running our Mental Health webinar series, we also had our first triple event day! Yes, you heard that right, May saw the introduction of 3 puppy therapy events in just one day. That’s 3 different teams, 3 different locations and 3 different litters of puppies running at the same time! Seeing the joy the puppies brings to attendees is our favourite part of our puppy therapy events, so this was an extra special week for us all at Paws in Work.

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Want to learn more about our Mental Health Training? Enquire today! Or looking to book your next Puppy Therapy event, fill in your details here and we'll be in touch with a quote!

Inside Paws HQ - May

New Litter Alert

We’ve now worked with around 25 different breeds of dogs over the years, so when a new Breed joins our socialisation programme, it’s a very exciting day for all involved. In May, we worked with a litter of gorgeous Coton de Tulears. We absolutely loved working with them for a couple of weeks, and are already looking forward to the next litter of these little balls of fluff

If you are a breeder and interested in working with Paws in Work, contact our breeder team today.

Team Training

Despite being an incredibly busy month in May, we still had time to squeeze in some important training for some of the team. We're all Mental Health First Aiders at Paws in Work, dedicated to promoting wellbeing within our own workplace but also those we visit.

Following MHFA England's recommendation, some of our team recently attended a refresher course in May. It was an opportunity to update our skills and reflect on the impact of our original training back in 2020. Sharing stories and experiences, we celebrated the positive influence mental health first aid has had on us and how we’ve been able to use it in both our professional and personal lives.

Inside Paws HQ - May

A special visit

As well as meeting some amazing puppies and people at our puppy therapy events, we also get to visit some amazing places along the way. This month was no exception as we held a puppy therapy event at the home of tennis, The All England Lawn Tennis Club. Their staff got to switch off from work and enjoy a loveable litter of Dachshunds ahead of the Summer Championships, whilst some of the Paws employees got to have a little tour of the grounds.

Inside Paws HQ - May

How does Puppy Therapy benefit the pups?

We all know the effects that puppy therapy has on those who attend, but have you ever wondered how beneficial it is to the litter of puppies we work with? Head over to our Tiktok to learn more about how our socialisation programme gives them the best start to life possible.

Inside Paws HQ - May

And lastly our favourite photo of the month

Inside Paws HQ - May
We couldn’t decide between them both, so you can have two instead. You are welcome.
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