Pup Welfare

The wellbeing and happiness of the puppies that come along on our Paws in Work adventures is the most important thing to us.

While we want every one of your colleagues who come along to have fun and indulge in some therapeutic pup time, our focus is first and foremost the safety of our canine buddies.

puppy care

Puppies at a Paws in Work event

When the puppies are chauffeured to events, they go in style in a specially modified puppy vehicle which keeps them safe and comfortable for the duration of the journey. They are accessible throughout the journey, and also visible via a camera with a heads-up display so we can keep an eye on them from every angle.

When at an event, space is laid out for the puppies on which to play and interact with your colleagues. This consists of artificial turf which is specially sanitised for every event, keeping our pups safe. We provide antibacterial gel for employees' hands and blankets for their laps so the puppies can come along and snuggle up happily, and risk-free.

Puppy playing

Looking after the puppies is our priority

We make sure that the puppies have a great time every time they join us on a Paws in Work adventure. They get a break for lunch so they can eat and digest in peace, and during events they can sleep or play or hide, whatever they want to do. We’ve even got a puppy tee-pee they can retreat to if they wish. They are showered with brand new toys that will help their development and create some great interaction with their new friends. The wellbeing and happiness of the pups can then be shared by employees coming along to the sessions.

Happy puppies playing

Puppies in the workplace

Paws in Work was founded to share the therapeutic influence puppies can have on people and was inspired by the love of a very special dog called Nelson. So, as much as our events are about helping people to take a break from stressful days, we’re also doing everything we can to make sure the pups are happy and socialising in a positive way. The pups are picked up in the morning from their owners and taken back home to mum in the evening to tell her all about their amazing day.

Puppy welfare priority

Puppy welfare and Paws in Work

At the heart of everything we do is a desire to help the puppies we bring along have the best time they can, with the events and the employees who they make friends with playing a big part in their development and socialising at a crucial point in their little lives. The joy that they bring to employees is shared by them - after all, they spend their days meeting new friends and being admired, which helps to make sure the pup life is a good life.

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