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Alongside our puppy therapy events, we also offer mental health training through a range of MHFA England accredited courses. According to CV-Library, 89% of workers with mental health problems experience an impact on their working life. Adequate training and education are the first steps in being able to provide support networks for employees in need, whilst also giving tools which enable staff to manage their own mental health.

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Reports have found that mental health struggles for employees can cost UK employers up to £45bn a year in sickness absence, presenteeism, staff turnover, and the wider impact on the office. However, through investing in the wellbeing of staff, employers have seen an average return of £4.20 for every £1 spent on mental health initiatives, according to Thriving at Work.

Delivering Mental Health Training for employees is essential for every workplace and will be part of the building blocks of every successful wellbeing programme. Our fully accredited training courses are delivered through a variety of face-to-face and online formats, with expert instruction there to guide your staff along the way. We will tailor the packages to suit your needs and give recommendations on the right courses for your staff; based on your company's current mental health initiatives and aspirations of where you would like to get to.

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be aware
£125 per person
25 max
1/2 day

The ‘Be Mental Health Aware’ course offers an opportunity to learn what mental health is, whilst also giving an introduction into looking after your own mental health. You will gain a basic understanding of some common mental health issues, how to challenge stigma and how to support someone in distress or experiencing a mental health issue.

available online
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£200 per person
16 max
1 day

As an ‘MHFA Champion’ you gain a more in-depth understanding of mental health issues, the ability to spot signs of mental ill-health, and skills to support positive wellbeing. You will also be given the knowledge and confidence to advocate for mental health awareness. MHFA Champions are some of the biggest advocates for raising awareness for mental health.

available online
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first aider
£300 per person
16 max
2 days

As a ‘Mental Health First Aider’ you will be part of the wellbeing frontline in the workplace and will play a crucial role in providing support for colleagues who are experiencing mental health issues. On the course you will develop key skills such as; spotting signs and triggers of mental health issues, non-judgemental listening, and supporting a person in distress.

Group bookings can receive up to 20% discount on our courses!

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“i thought it was great. the trainer was very engaging, knowledgeable and fun to be taught by!”
- Debbie Smith
“i loved the fact the trainer was so transparent in presenting! she was great in guiding conversations and keeping the discussions on topic.”
- Katie Downes
“i took away some very useful tools and techniques that i could use myself, as well as support those around me.”
- Matthew Wren Andrew
“amazing, just amazing! i loved the course, i loved the trainer, i loved the content and just wanted to learn more and more!”
- Mark Bowman
“the be mental health aware session has made me want to do the two-day mental health first aid course and i look forward to doing that as soon as i can!”
- Gemma Williams
“the be mental health aware course translates very well to an online format and is a great introduction to having positive, open discussions about mental health!”
- Luke Roberts
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