Mental Health Refresher

Who is the course for?

Training staff as mental health first aiders, or as mental health champions, is a great step towards establishing a sound mental health strategy and supporting your employees. Courses such as these give people the skills to support themselves and the people they work with.

Once you have started to do this though, it’s really important that your staff brush up on their skills from time to time - after all, these roles can hold a lot of responsibility!

That’s why we offer refresher courses for anyone who has previously attended a Mental Health First Aider or Mental Health Champion course. This allows your mental health experts to improve their skills and get up to speed with current techniques, topics and best practices.

What can I expect?

This four-hour session can be delivered in person face to face or online and gives your employees the skills to keep their mental health support up to scratch. Designed to deliver up to date knowledge of mental health issues and what influences them. It also gives those attending the opportunity to practice applying the Mental Health First Aid Action Plan.

This particular course is only for those who have completed the first aider or champion training and we’d recommend that the refresher course is completed at least every three years.

We believe that mental health training should be treated equally to physical health training. And should be kept up to date just like other first aid qualifications. This course has been created so that you can do just that.

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