Be Mental Health Aware

Course Overview:

The Mental Health 'Aware’ course offers an opportunity to;

  • learn what mental health is
  • gain a basic understanding of some common mental health issues
  • give an introduction to looking after your own mental health
  • learn how to challenge the stigma
  • learn how to support someone in distress or experiencing a mental health issue

Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone who is looking to gain a basic understanding of mental health conditions, their causes and the stigmas associated with them.

What can I expect?

Once enrolled onto the course, you will be sent a follow-up email by your course instructor which includes;

  • The date/time of your course
  • Joining instructions
  • An FAQ sheet
  • A workbook and manual to refer to during the session (these can also be used for further self-learning after the course)

Learning takes place through a live training session and self-learning activities.

What’s the format?

This can be either a face-to-face, or online course delivered via Zoom, the web-based video conferencing tool. Zoom can be accessed via computer, mobile or tablet. Attendees will require webcam/video and microphone capabilities in order to participate.

The running time is approximately 4 hours, including a short break during the course.

Individual bookings available via

Check individual availability for all upcoming mental health courses.
202001 PIW Fidelity 5017

Enquire today

If you would like to learn more bout the 'Aware' course and look at available dates to book, please fill in the form below and we will be in touch.

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