topic talks

Who are topic talks for?

To help tackle the sometimes tricky subject of mental health, we offer a range of topic talks. Designed to inform staff and raise awareness around mental health topics such as self-care, grief and depression. These talks are great because they’re open to an unlimited number of attendees, which means that everyone in the company benefits - not just your dedicated mental health first aiders and champions!

What can I expect?

Delivered by our own knowledgeable experts, our topic talks provide a sensitive and informative jumping-off point than can help to encourage discussions around mental health in the workplace. We even offer Q&As at the end of every session, to help staff feel engaged, informed and confident about the subject matters discussed.

Covering a range of topics including anxiety and stress awareness, our sessions take place over an hour and are delivered remotely. Staff can easily access the talks using their unique login from wherever they are.

These mental health topic talks have been designed for a modern, hybrid workforce. Because they are delivered virtually your staff can access them easily from wherever they are working. This can be beneficial to employees as it offers the opportunity to engage with the mental health topic talk in a private and comfortable space if needed.

What topics do you cover?

We offer a wide variety of sessions allowing you to choose any combination of mental health topic talks to suit the needs of your organisation’s mental health and wellbeing strategy.

Choose from:

  • Self Care

  • Anxiety

  • Eating Disorders

  • Stress Awareness

  • Depression

  • Grief Psychosis

  • Self-Harm

  • Loneliness

Our topic talks are a great way to bolster your wellbeing plan and help in continuing to smash the stigma of mental health in your workplace.

  • 1h online course

  • Diverse topics

  • Multi-course discounts

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