World Mental Health Day 2023: A quick guide for employers
August 10, 2023

World Mental Health Day 2023: A quick guide for employers

This year, World Mental Health Day falls on Tuesday, the 10th of October. Although recognising and supporting mental health in the workplace is important for employers every day, events like this can help raise awareness and drive positive action.

Let’s look at a few ways to mark World Mental Health Day 2023 and how to use the event to encourage mental health conversations and initiatives in the workplace.

7 Ideas for World Mental Health Day 2023

Here are some suggestions for activities to help your organisation empower employees through education, communication, and more on World Mental Health Day and beyond.

1. Hold a mental health ‘pub’ quiz

Who doesn’t love a pub quiz? But, instead of questions on FA Cup winners and 80s hitmakers, use a mental health quiz to test knowledge on mental health in the workplace. Include plenty of eye-opening stats to get everyone thinking and talking about mental health. Check out this example from St. Johns Ambulance to help guide your quiz writing!

2. Publicise mental health support and resources

World Mental Health Day was created to create awareness about mental health. Use the day to ensure anyone in your office needing help can access mental health support and resources easily and without judgement.

You can do your part by signposting internal initiatives, including mental health days off and mental health first aiders in the workplace, and highlighting external options like mental health support groups and helplines.

3. Take time out to chat

Whether your team are partial to a cup of tea or coffee, putting the kettle on and making time to chat over a hot drink helps build social connections with coworkers and enhance wellbeing. Encourage this by laying out a selection of cakes in a communal space and giving your employees an extra-long morning break. You can also set up monitors and webcams so remote workers can join in from home.

4. Get creative with a lunchtime crafting session

Letting your creativity flow is an excellent way to boost your mood and reduce stress. This World Mental Health Day, encourage your workers to participate in a relaxing lunchtime crafting session by offering activities like paint-by-numbers, colouring, paper quilling, and collating.

Taking part in a creative activity unrelated to work also gives coworkers the opportunity to relate on a new level. This helps build mutual trust for better internal support systems and encourages more open mental health conversations in the workplace.

5. Complete a mental health training course

Foster a more positive mental health culture in your workplace by arranging for your employees to participate in mental health training. Through a range of bespoke tailored and MHFA England-accredited courses, you can boost your collective mental health awareness, become mental health first aiders, or even complete a masterclass in mental health.

6. Book a puppy therapy session

Give your employees a memorable break from work by inviting them to enjoy a puppy therapy session!

While socialising with puppies sounds like a lot of fun, it’s also proven to provide many mental health benefits. Puppy interactions can increase serotonin, dopamine, and oxytocin levels to stimulate stress relief, relaxation, and emotional regulation. Your employees get to play with cute puppies and will return to their desks feeling more positive, engaged, and productive.

The shared experience of puppy therapy also serves to strengthen workplace bonds and promote collaboration for better mental health support.

Arrange a masterclass

A masterclass is a great way to give your employees a jumping-off point for discussions around mental health.

These events can be in-office or remote to allow all workers to benefit from informative talks delivered by experts. Some mental health topics available include self-care, depression, anxiety, and stress awareness. Following the talk and the Q&A at the end of every session, your staff will feel engaged and informed.

Get ready for World Mental Health Day with Paws in Work

Paws in Work is preparing a whole day of talks for this year’s World Mental Health Day.

Check out the event information to learn more and secure an all-access package for your workplace.

Or, if you have any questions about our training courses, topic talks, or puppy therapy, get in touch with us today!

World Mental Health Day 2023
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