Which london student accommodations provide puppy therapy Canopious day2
March 03, 2022

which london student accommodations provide puppy therapy?

It’s university mental health day so we thought we’d discuss what university mental health day represents, the benefits of having puppy therapy on campus, and a guide on local universities that offer puppy therapy.

Which london student accommodations provide puppy therapy Canopious day2 2

By Emily Roach, Paws in Work guest blogger.

what is university mental health day.

According to a survey carried out by the Natwest Student Living Index (2019), 45% of students felt stressed throughout their studies. Without a doubt the pandemic and other factors would have caused a lot of uncertainty and stress for students who had to study remotely for a long period of time. Many students would’ve felt isolated without the resources they need to help them through these challenging times.

The sole purpose of university mental health day is to bring together various communities on the importance of mental health. The focus is to come up with innovative ways to implement positive change on how mental health is prioritised at university for current and future students. This can be done through a range of events both in-person and virtual, allowing students to collaborate and unleash their creativity towards an important cause.

benefits of puppy therapy for students.

As well as fundraising events and other mental health resources, pet therapy can be a fantastic outlet for stressed students. Students have the pressure of tight deadlines and exams. Sometimes they can feel pretty lonely, it’s daunting when staying in a new place on your own without any home comforts or familiar faces. Studies indicate that spending time around a furry friend can reduce the stress hormone (cortisol) in humans. This is why many workplaces are now allowing owners to bring their dogs in, or they’re arranging team bonding activities just like puppy therapy. More universities need to follow-suit!

Just like employees, university students could greatly benefit from having puppies on campus. Puppy therapy will encourage students to speak about how they’re feeling, which may inspire others to do the same. It might bring comfort for students to know that they aren’t alone, and many others face similar difficulties to them. Plus, being smothered by puppy kisses and cuddles is a sure-fire way to put a smile on someone’s face! You can find out more info here on why puppy therapy is great for employees and university students.

how to request puppy therapy on campus.

Universities and student accommodation provide students with onsite wellbeing services. This would be the first point of contact for trying to introduce puppy therapy as another source of student wellbeing on campus. The process will usually involve a student or multiple students to fill out an application form of the service they’d wish to bring to campus and why this would be beneficial to them and their peers.

london-based universities and student accommodations that offer puppy therapy.

It’s great to see that universities around the UK are looking to incorporate puppy therapy into student living. If you’re considering going to university in London, keep an eye out for which ones provide puppy therapy. You never know, we might be paying you a visit soon!

Here are some of the universities/accommodations that have joined the movement:

  • iQ Student Accommodation
  • CRM Students
  • Chapter Living
  • EF Student Services Ltd
  • London School of Economics
  • UCL – University College London
  • Royal Holloway University of London
  • London Metropolitan University
  • St Mary's University
  • The University of Cambridge (outside London)

book puppy therapy.

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