The Benefits

Here come the pups! When puppies come out to play at a Paws in Work event, it's not just the humans having all the fun. While the aim of our events is to help to reduce stress and anxiety in the workplace through puppy therapy, sessions offer puppies benefits that last a lifetime.

puppies saying hi

How does it help the puppies?

The socialisation of young puppies is something that can be tricky for owners and breeders to keep on top of. When they come out with us, puppies are given the best socialisation possible. They have fun playing, eating, sleeping and doing whatever they like with the new friends that they meet. This all happens in a safe and controlled space where they’re observed and cared for at all times.

Puppy socialisation - what it achieves

The fun and positivity of a Paws in Work session give puppies brilliant social experiences that help them to learn how to act around people, how to play with each other and how to be calm in new situations. It can also greatly help the puppies make it through the first of their ‘fear periods’, which as Dr Jen’s Dog Blog states occurs around the 8-10 week mark, when your puppy is more sensitive to the environment around them. The careful socialisation of a Paws in Work session helps them to understand that not all new situations are something to be wary of, and helps build their confidence through positive reinforcement.

Fear periods can have long-lasting psychological effects on a young dog if they are not managed well with essential puppy socialisation as well as things like crate training and managing curiosity during vet visits. With pups meeting new people at every Paws in Work event, along with new exciting surroundings, their experiences can be managed in a way that directly helps with their development.

puppy on a blanket

Our priorities at paws in work

The wellbeing of the puppies is our number one priority, so we always make sure that the puppies we socialise are happy and safe. They have plenty of opportunities to relax if they’re not feeling playful, and learn how to be themselves in the safest environment possible. The sessions spent with Paws in Work give the pups vital development around different people each time, helping them to be much less nervous around humans as they grow into happy, healthy dogs and supporting them all to pass their puppy ‘pawbation’ ready for their new homes.

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