Why Employees and Students Love Puppy Therapy Greystar 141
January 20, 2022

why employees and students love puppy therapy

Puppy therapy is ideal for people who have felt a build-up of stress and need a morale boost. This is commonly found amongst employees who are facing the daily challenges of working, as well as students who are going through their own difficulties. Therefore, we’ve started hosting puppy therapy events at universities and student accommodation as well as workplaces.

Here are some of the many reasons why puppy therapy is highly beneficial to employees and students...

Why employees and students love puppy therapy Greystar 120

By Emily Roach, Paws in Work guest blogger.

why is university so lonely.

University is an exciting yet nerve-wracking time for many young adults. It can also be rather lonely and difficult for some to navigate through. This is due to students moving away from the luxuries and familiarity of their homes, leaving behind their family and friends. It can be difficult for some students to make new friends at university, especially when they’re out of their comfort zone. This also applies to mature or international students who may feel isolated as it could be harder for them to find a common ground with other students.

Puppy therapy is a great way of bringing students together, giving them the opportunity of getting to know one another whilst cuddling with a litter of gorgeous pups! Students will also have the freedom to speak about how they’re feeling, especially if they’ve been struggling with adapting to life at university.

why is university stressful.

As well as loneliness, students can experience periods of stress throughout their time at university. This is totally normal and expected due to the workload they face and pressure they feel to achieve certain grades as their future careers may depend on it. Some students experience a new-found responsibility; they are no longer under the care of their parents and must feed themselves, keep their accommodation clean, pay bills and balance a social life whilst studying. In some cases, students may have to deal with living with people who they don’t get along with. All these factors can impact their studies, with exams and coursework deadlines looming it can be overwhelming at times. Puppy therapy is the perfect outlet for students to speak about their stresses and gain support and comfort through their peers, who could also be feeling the same way. Cuddling a pup will not only release happy hormones such as oxytocin, but it also allows students to step out of stressful environments and detach themselves from reality for a little while.

why is workplace wellbeing so important.

Looking after employees both physically and mentally is essential, being that the workplace is where people spend most of their time. It’s important to create a pleasant working environment for employees whilst maintaining healthy relationships within the team. Puppy therapy is a fantastic way of doing this. It enables employees to bond and step away from the boundaries of work whilst discussing their feelings. What’s not to love about an adorable litter of pups coming to visit you at work?

and they call it puppy love.

Here’s why people love puppy therapy…

  • The pups, have you seen how adorable they are?
  • Stepping away from everyday stresses to relax
  • Opens conversation among peers about important topics such as mental health
  • Strengthens the bond between employees / university students
  • You’re playing your part in setting the pups up for a bright future

book puppy therapy with us.

If you’re looking to treat your team at work, or students at university to a wonderful dose of puppy love, then book puppy therapy with us today! Did you know that we offer virtual puppy therapy for those who can’t attend in person, so nobody is left out! We look forward to seeing you all soon.

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