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The best way to rehome a puppy or dog in need 202001 PIW Here East Day One 2254
puppy welfare
September 09, 2021

the best way to rehome a puppy or dog in need

Ever wondered how to ensure the process of rehoming a dog is as smooth-running as possible for both the pup and yourself? Here's what to consider when thinking about rehoming a puppy/dog.

Breed spotlight maltipoo 202001 PIW Rocksteady 2123
puppy welfare
September 02, 2021

breed spotlight: the maltipoo

The Maltese-Poodle cross, known as the Maltipoo is highly popular and recognised as one of the top 10 googled hybrids.

Why therapy dogs are happy dogs DSC 0409
puppy welfare
August 19, 2021

why therapy dogs are happy dogs

A lot of us are lucky enough to reap the benefits of interacting with dogs, whether it’s your own dog, a friend’s dog, a dog that you met on the street, or through programmes like puppy therapy. But what do dogs get out of this?

Breed spotlight cockapoo BCM06425
puppy welfare
August 05, 2021

breed spotlight: cockapoo

The Cockapoo is an extremely popular crossbreed and is presently one of the top 10 googled dog breeds - let's find out why!

Why is my bitch not interested in her pups DSC 2942
puppy welfare
July 22, 2021

why is my bitch not interested in her pups?

Here are the reasons why this may be the case, and what you can do to assist your dog and her puppies, if intervention is necessary.

Breed spotlight maltese shih tzu 202001 PIW Publicis 2296
puppy welfare
July 02, 2021

breed spotlight: maltese shih tzu

Introducing the Maltese Shih Tzu, also known as the ‘Malshi’ is an increasingly popular crossbreed and is one of the top 10 most googled dog breeds on the internet! Here’s everything you need to know on all things Malshi!

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