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should I buy my child a puppy?
puppy welfare
April 23, 2021

should i buy my child a puppy?

We have all had our kids begging us for a puppy. And so often, we have said “not yet” – it never feels like the right time to introduce a four-legged friend into the family. Here are some things you need to consider before making this decision.

Do I need to help my dog give birth 202001 PIW Fidelity 4289
puppy welfare
April 08, 2021

do i need to help my dog give birth?

For first-time dog breeders, the process of your dog giving birth can be quite complex and you’re initially left thinking of all possibilities to get ready for. There is a lot of preparation that needs to take place to ensure that mum is kept calm during and after the birth, as well as delivering the pups safely. Here is everything you need to know for when your dog is giving birth and how to assist her, if needed.

How do you become a council registered dog breeder?
puppy welfare
March 15, 2021

becoming a council registered breeder

Becoming a dog breeder is an exciting step to take, however, it is a huge commitment and there is plenty to think about before doing so.

Cancer in dogs 202009 PIW TFS 04409
puppy welfare
February 04, 2021

cancer in dogs

Today is World Cancer Day, although every day is 'World Cancer Day' if you or someone you love/know is suffering with the disease. Cancer is not limited to humans and sadly can also infect our pups. Find out more here.

Do dogs get depression
puppy welfare
January 15, 2021

do dogs get depression?

Christmas is over, we’ve stopped saying Happy New Year and we are in another lockdown. It’s official, you’ve got the January Blues. But can your pooch also feel depressed?

do dogs get diabetes?
puppy welfare
November 11, 2020

do dogs get diabetes?

November is national Diabetes Awareness Month and believe it or not, dogs are no exception to this chronic autoimmune disease. We wanted to cover everything about diabetes in dogs for you, from causes to symptoms and treatment methods.

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