Your guide to creating a dog friendly office
June 23, 2023

Your guide to creating a dog friendly office

The idea of dog-friendly offices has gained popularity among employers as a way to attract and retain talent. Allowing employees to bring their furry friends to work can create a more relaxed and enjoyable work environment and even improve employee morale and productivity. This is especially true for employers looking to bring hybrid or work-from-home employees back to the office.

However, before jumping on the bandwagon and implementing a dog-friendly policy, employers should consider various factors to ensure a safe and comfortable space for both humans and dogs. In this post, we'll explore the key considerations employers should consider when creating a dog-friendly office.

Benefits of a dog friendly office

Becoming a dog friendly office has a great range of benefits for both humans and dogs! Here are just a few.

Improves morale

Dogs are known for boosting our moods and bringing joy into our lives. Allowing dogs in the workplace can positively impact employees' morale, making them feel happier and more relaxed.

Can reduce stress

Research has shown that interacting with dogs can reduce human stress levels. This can be especially beneficial in a high-pressure work environment.

Helps with employee retention

Allowing dogs in the office is becoming a popular perk with employees and can help companies attract and retain top talent. Employees who can bring their dogs to work are more likely to feel satisfied with their job and less likely to seek employment elsewhere.

Promotes collaboration and connection between employees

Dogs are natural icebreakers and can help employees connect and build relationships with one another. This can lead to improved collaboration and teamwork day-to-day.

Socialises dogs

Allowing dogs in the office can help socialise them and make them more comfortable around other people and animals. This can be especially beneficial for puppies or rescue dogs that may have had limited socialisation opportunities.

How to make your office more dog friendly

Creating a dog-friendly office can have a range of benefits for both employees and their furry friends. However, employers need to consider the logistics and potential challenges of implementing a dog-friendly policy before making any decisions.

Check in with your staff first!

Even though we love dogs, not everyone does. Some may have had bad experiences with dogs previously, some may be allergic, and some may simply not want dogs around them while they're working. If any of this applies to your office, this might not be the best idea for your team.

Check in with your lease

Giving your building manager a heads-up before bringing in dogs is a good idea. Not all leases will allow pets on site, so you need to be sure you're not breaking the terms of your contract.

Have a vetting process

We promise that's not a pun! Don't just open the floodgates for every dog in the world to come hang out in the office. Have an application system for employees wanting to bring their dogs in.

Required information should include:

  • Breed
  • Male or female
  • Vaccination records
  • Temperament

It's also a good idea to have a trial day with the dog on a leash and kept close to it's owner to see how it will do in the office.

Have easy access to outdoor space

Just like us, dogs will need to use the bathroom at some point during the workday. Make sure to consider your surroundings to ensure you have somewhere to take them outside.

Provide dog amenities

Just like a snack cabinet for your human employees, dogs will need access to a few essentials. Ensure you keep fresh water, treats and toys on hand.

Have dog-specific spaces

Section off a portion of the office as a doggy play area where employees can hang out with dogs. Likewise, have a dog-free area for anyone that needs a little space.

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