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June 10, 2022

Inside Paws HQ - May

Another month finished here at Paws in Work, and it’s definitely been a busy one! Our puppy therapy events were in full swing with 1364 attendees enjoying time away from their desks. 1364 days made and 1364 people that the puppies got to meet and socialise with. Experts say puppies should meet 90 people in their first 90 days to be truly socialised, so it's safe to say the puppies we worked this month will be going to their forever homes equipped for the best start in life possible.

We visited the likes of JP Morgan, Schroders, WPP and even brought puppies to students at University of Law and Chapter Living student accommodation; it was a great way for them to relax during exam times!

inside paws hq - puppy therapy

We love working with all different breeds of puppies here at Paws in Work, but we get especially excited when we get to work with a new breed. This month we met some Cane Corsos (aka gentle giants) and Pomeranians, who were 90% fluff and ridiculously cute. Both litters loved our socialisation programme and everyone fell in love with these cuddly puppies - Paws in Work staff included!

If you have a litter of puppies you would like socialising, do not hesitate to get in touch.

inside paws hq - puppy therapy
mental health resources paws in work

The beginning of May was mental health awareness week and our mental health trainers were busy delivering mental health first aid courses and topic talks to companies such as Snapchat and Shell. Our MHFA accredited courses can be delivered virtually or in-person so no matter where you are, Paws in Work can provide employees with the mental health tools to support fellow colleagues or manage their own mental health.

This year's theme of mental health awareness week was loneliness, head over to our Instagram to find some useful resources on loneliness.

meet the paws in work team

We’ve also welcomed two new team members to the Paws in Work family this month: Genevieve and James! Genevieve is our new event team lead, who will be making sure your puppy therapy event runs smoothly, ensuring everyone has their best day at work ever. James is also joining the team as our newest event host, delivering our sessions, ensuring the pups remain the number one priority and providing the pups with plenty of cuddles.

I think they’ve already fallen in love with a couple of puppies, how could you not?! Keep an eye out on our careers page and this could be you - yes, really!

puppy therapy events

Click here for a sneak peek into what our sessions look like.

Warning: cuteness overload.
inside out wellbeing x paws in work
inside out wellbeing x paws in work

Our affiliates Inside Out Wellbeing very kindly invited a few of us down to their first well-being awards ceremony; we swapped our Paws in Work t-shirts and put on our best outfits for the black tie event. We had an amazing night meeting many mental health advocates and honouring the incredible work they do in society. We're already looking forward to the next one!

Inside Out is a not-for-profit social enterprise with a mission to improve access to mental health support and education. You can find out more about our partnership here.

puppy therapy pictures of the month
we couldn't pick one favourite photo this month, so here's 3

Stay tuned to see what we get up to in June. In the meantime, follow us on social media to get your daily dose of puppies. Research says that just looking at photos of dogs improves well-being, so what are you waiting for? It's science after all!

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