Puppy therapy: the perfect event to get staff back to the office
January 04, 2024

Puppy Therapy: The event to get staff back to the office

While a significant number of employees continue remote and hybrid work, two-thirds of CEOs anticipate a return to full-time office presence in the next 3 years. Just as it took time for everyone to readjust to remote working, the prospect of being back in the office 5 days a week may be a challenge for many individuals.

Establishing an inviting office environment for staff can help ease this transition and encourage those staff to return to work. Our puppy therapy events are the perfect way to reintroduce workers to the office in a fun and unique way.

Puppy Therapy: The event to get staff back to the office

What is puppy therapy?

It's a great question. Puppy therapy involves interaction with a litter of adorable puppies to help promote emotional wellbeing and reduce stress in the workplace. The presence of puppies can have a calming effect, enhance mood, and create a positive atmosphere in the office.

We turn your office into a bespoke 'summer garden' and invite your employees to join us for some quality time with an adorable litter of puppies. Our puppy area is enclosed and secure, prioritising both the safety of the puppies and the comfort of your staff.

What's in it for you and what's in it for the pups?

Attendees are free to experience puppy therapy however they wish —whether that is spending their session cuddling the puppies, catching up with colleagues, or simply observing. The traditional workplace boundaries vanish as everyone sits on the floor in their socks, enjoying the session as equals! Hosts are also Mental Health First Aiders, who are ready to listen and offer support if anyone would like to chat about anything on their mind.

These sessions bring immense benefits to the pups in ways you might not expect. We collaborate with ethical dog breeders who allow their litters to attend these events, aiding in their socialisation. According to the Animal Health Center for dogs & cats, puppies should meet 100 people within their first 12 weeks of life. Our puppy therapy sessions make this easy, as the pups can interact with up to 80 people in just one day!

From around 3 weeks of age, puppies develop their hearing and vision. Breeders introduce everyday noises and objects to help them explore and become accustomed to new experiences. Puppies typically leave the breeder around 8 weeks of age, sometimes up to 10-12 weeks. It's crucial during this time that they are exposed to a variety of sights, scents, and sounds daily. This ensures they don't develop negative associations, preventing long-term anxiety, and helps them become confident and happy dogs.

Puppy Therapy: The event to get staff back to the office

Do I, as the event organizer, need to handle everything?

In a word, no. The beauty of our puppy therapy events lies in the fact that we handle all the details from start to finish, leaving you with nothing to worry about. Our bespoke automated booking system takes care of everything, sending reminders to your team members. We even share a live countdown leading up to the event, creating excitement about returning to work and meeting our delightful pups!

Our slots vanish faster than Glastonbury's, selling out in a record-breaking 90 seconds! If you or a team member misses the booking window, don't fret. You'll be added to a waiting list and promptly notified as soon as a space opens up. You still have control over your preferred time slot and who attends the event, or you can leave it all in our capable hands—your call!

Does it matter what size my office is?

Not at all!

We are very happy to organise events for companies of any size, including co-working spaces, schools and hospitals. However, before we visit any space, we conduct a thorough risk assessment to ensure your venue is not only safe However, we limit our visits to one venue per day to ensure the pups stay comfortable. We can cater to groups of up to 81 people daily.

Before each event, we conduct a thorough risk assessment to ensure your venue is not only safe but also an optimal puppy playground. This guarantees you can relish abundant playtime and cuddles with the pups in a secure and protected environment.

Book puppy therapy with us.

If you’re looking to give your team the best time upon returning back to the office, book a puppy therapy event with us today.

Puppy Therapy: The event to get staff back to the office
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