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mental health
April 28, 2022

what is a mental health champion?

Want to become a mental health champion? Find out exactly what being a ‘champion’ entails and how you can become one!

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puppy welfare
April 21, 2022

what questions should i ask a potential owner of my pups?

Everything dog breeders need to know when considering new owners for their puppies.

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mental health
April 14, 2022

do managers need mental health training?

It’s just as important for workplace managers to learn mental health (MH) training as well as employees. Luckily, we provide specific training courses to help you meet these requirements!

Mental health how and when to seek help 202111 Zego 04298
mental health
April 07, 2022

mental health: how and when to seek help

Our guide on how and when to seek help regarding your mental health.

Inside paws hq - march
April 01, 2022

inside paws hq - march

Want to know what happens behind the scenes at Paws in Work? Take a peak at what we got up to this month!

Which dog breeds make the best therapy dogs X Pet Lab Aug21 16
puppy welfare
March 24, 2022

which dog breeds make the best therapy dogs?

Yesterday was National Puppy Day, so let’s look at which dog breeds make the best therapy dogs!

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