looking after the mental wellbeing of remote employees
October 12, 2022

Looking after the mental wellbeing of remote employees

Without a doubt, the pandemic has significantly changed the way we work. With such a high percentage of people now hybrid working, it is clear that working from home is here to stay for the foreseeable future. This is why it is important that businesses adapt their mental health and wellbeing support systems so that they continue to cater for everyone regardless of where they work.

We are dedicated to helping improve employee mental health and wellbeing across the country. And our range of varied mental health courses are an excellent way to provide employees with better awareness and an understanding of mental health, helping to create a happier workforce - wherever your staff are located.

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What are our topic talks and why are they good for remote employees?

We know it can be hard to know how and where to begin with conversations about mental health with your team, which is why our mental health topic talks are a great starting point. They’re led by our team of professionals and cover a range of a range of mental health subjects such as self-care, grief and depression.

The talks are a great way to help tackle communication barriers that may exist in your workplace and, because they’re delivered online, staff can get involved from wherever they work. In fact, there’s no limit to the number of people who can attend, which makes them suitable for businesses of all sizes!

In our experience, talks such as these can help employees feel more connected as a team and they’re a really effective way of increasing understanding of a wide range of different mental health issues across your business. It’s our aim that after each talk, people come away with a better understanding of mental health and are equipt with tips for self-care which can help improve their wellbeing as well as their colleagues.

What is Mental Health Manager Training?

Another of the popular mental health courses that we offer is mental health training for managers. This course is aimed at managers that wish to prioritise their employee’s mental wellbeing and want to actively support their team through having the tools and knowledge to step in when needed.

Although it may be harder to spot these signs of poor mental health in remote employees, the skills learnt on this course give leaders the confidence to support their employees regardless of where they are working. A key part of our mental health training for managers course is that delegates are given the tools and knowledge to successfully support the mental health of their teams - which can be hugely empowering for a leader.

If you believe our mental health training courses could benefit you and your team, explore our wide range of courses to find the perfect one for you.

Do you encourage your team to have breaks and regular check-ins?

Monitoring your remote employees can at first feel much harder than those in the office. For example, it can be difficult to identify which of your employees could be at risk of burnout.

To prevent your colleagues from overworking, schedule regular checkups to discuss how they are doing and how manageable their work hours are. This may also be a good chance to discuss at what point they should stop working during the day or if they feel their workload is achievable.

Above all, you should be encouraging a healthy work-life balance amongst your team, easier said than done, we know. But workplace absence due to issues such as stress or burnout could have a major impact on your organisation. You can help your employees achieve this by setting a reasonable amount of work and attainable deadlines to help reduce the chance of stress.

Supporting the wellbeing of your remote employees requires a consistent but varied approach. This ensures that your company’s mental health support network will meet the needs of all employees regardless of where they're located. If you’re looking for inspiration for your mental health activities - why not take a look at our range of mental health training courses?

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