how to cater for every employee's mental health
October 03, 2022

How to cater for every employee's mental health

Every mind matters, which is why it’s important to cater for every employee’s mental health in the workplace. If you’re responsible for mental health in your workplace, you’ll know that one solution doesn’t work for all and a dynamic and varied mental health programme is an important way to ensure that all employees' wellbeing is prioritised and continually cared for.

how to cater for every employee's mental health

Work-life balance

Encouraging a healthy work-life balance amongst your employees is extremely important. Taking regular brain breaks during work can not only reduce stress levels but can help avoid burnout and increase productivity. These breaks could be as simple as taking a few minutes away from your desk or taking a walk around the block whilst working from home - so encourage your staff to do so!

Introducing bonuses for employees such as a free or discounted gym membership is also a great way to encourage employees to maintain an active and healthy work-life balance, these types of incentives are a great way to demonstrate that your business believes in helping their employees achieve a healthy balance.

Organise corporate events

An effective way of improving employee mental health is through organising team events. Giving employees the opportunity to build relationships with one another is likely to make them feel more comfortable in the workplace and also help them to work better as a team. These events could be as easy as organising a coffee morning, where employees can network with one another.

Our puppy therapy events are a fantastic opportunity for employees to take a break during work, socialise with colleagues and of course play with our pups! The brain’s release of oxytocin from just stroking, sitting with or playing with any animal helps reduce stress and calms the mind. We’ve witnessed firsthand the wonderful effects our puppy therapy events have had on people, as people go back to their desks feeling re-energised and motivated.

If you believe your team could benefit from one of our puppy therapy sessions, learn more here.

Employee rewards

Maintaining a company culture where employees feel that their work is appreciated is also crucial in supporting employees' mental wellbeing. Introducing schemes such as employee of the month or sending emails to thank and reward people for their work is likely to make them happier and may encourage them to continue to work hard.

One of the best ways of raising awareness and opening up discussions about mental health is through mental health training courses. Learning about how to spot signs in yourself or others when they are struggling can make a huge impact on wellbeing in your workplace and even help save lives.

We understand the importance of great mental health training, which is why we provide a range of MHFA England-accredited mental health training courses. This means that you can establish the right level of support and training that meets your business needs, choosing from courses such as mental health first aid and mental health champions. Our courses are a great way to help create a frontline of mental health advocates in your workplace and provide continual support to your team.

Having varied mental health support frameworks in place can help create a happier workforce as employees will naturally feel more comfortable and empowered in the workplace as their mental health is continually supported.

And, like you, we’re completely dedicated to helping improve employee mental health and well-being across the country. Explore our mental health courses and puppy therapy events to learn more about the great work we do - or enquire below today!

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Implement puppy therapy and mental health training in to your employee wellbeing strategy

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