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August 04, 2022

Inside Paws HQ - July

July has been a very special month for many reasons. We celebrated our 4th birthday at Paws in Work, visited Saint Francis hospice with a very special guest and one of our favourite puppies (not that we’re allowed favourites!) made a return.

We visited many workplaces during July in and around Greater London, providing puppy therapy to many lucky attendees. We worked with some cheeky XL Bullies, a litter of French Bulldogs - including an adorable fluffy Frenchie - and some loveable sausage dogs.

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Happy 4th Birthday Paws.

July 28th 2018 was Paws in Work’s first-ever puppy therapy event; we can’t believe it’s been 4 years either! Our founder Ashley and director Adam were a 2 man team, spinning many plates whilst still hosting 5 star events for clients such as Warner, MVF and WeWork. Fast forward to 2022 we have 18 amazing employees and counting, now also delivering virtual puppy therapy events alongside running our mental health courses.

Watch here to see what we’ve been up to over the years.

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A special visit.

Our mission is simple to create a better life for people and pups, so it was our pleasure to visit Saint Francis Hospice in July providing staff and volunteers with some well-deserved puppy therapy! Sadly, we couldn’t take the pups around the hospice to visit patients but our very own marketing executive Hannah and her labrador Millie (and Mum Clare) were on hand to lift spirits (whilst getting a lot of attention from all).

Millie is a registered Pets As Therapy dog so was the paw-fect special guest for the day. Plus Clare got to experience puppy therapy herself, safe to say she loved it!

Get in touch if you want to implement puppy therapy into your employee wellbeing strategy.

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Guess who's back?

Back in April, we welcomed a litter of Dachshunds (appropriately named after Cocktails) to our socialisation programme; it’s safe to say everyone fell in love with them all and they even went viral on Tiktok! One pup, in particular, Colada caught the attention of many and she very quickly became one of our favourite pups ever.

Colada clearly enjoyed her time with us as she returned in July with some of her younger cousins. Though we don’t tend to mix litters, they all grew up in the same household so were able to bring them out together at our puppy therapy sessions - she certainly showed them how it was done and we loved having her back!

If you have a litter of puppies you would like socialising, please do get in touch.

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The home of candy crush.

We’re very lucky at Paws in Work to host our puppy therapy sessions in a different location every single day - it’s safe to say we’ve visited hundreds of offices over the last 4 years. This month we definitely found our new favourite, the home of Candy Crush; King’s head office. What could make their office better? Bringing a litter of XL Bulldog puppies for their employees to crush over (we had to!)

Click here for a sneak peak in to their fun-filled day.

inside paws hq - puppy therapy specialists

Meet our new litter.

We at Paws in Work love working with all different types of breeds but get especially excited when a new litter enrols on our socialisation programme, this month it was XL Bullies that got our oxytocin flowing - we hope they felt the same!

Meet our coffee themed pups over on Tiktok here.

inside paws hq - july

And lastly, our favourite pic of the month...

inside paws hq - puppy therapy specialists
If puppy-dog-eyes was in the dictionary, this picture would be next to it.

Does working for Paws in Work sound like the dream to you? Keep an eye out on our careers page and this could be you!

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