Should I buy a puppy?
October 22, 2020

Should i buy a puppy?

Should I buy a puppy?

by Abby Miller, Paws in Work blogger.

When thinking about buying a puppy, you may feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders. Where to start? Where to look? How to settle them in? It can feel like you have so many things to remember. These points should help you have a clearer idea of where to start and all things you should have in place for when your puppy arrives.

new puppy checklist.

1 - Find yourself an ethical dog breeder - we can always help with our breeder match. Never be afraid to ask your potential new breeder as many questions as you want. There is also a useful ‘puppy contract’ guide which you can ask a puppy breeder to complete prior to meeting them and the litter. This will ensure you have all ethical bases covered!

2 - Ensure you are buying a breed with the correct temperament to suit your home - research is key! Forums are a great way to speak to other like-minded dog lovers and can help with any personal experiences they may have.

3 - Do you have enough time to devote to a puppy? (This leads on to our next point...)

4 - Where do you see yourself in 5 years? This is always a good question to ask yourself to ensure you are buying a puppy for a long term commitment and not just because it suits your current lifestyle.

5 - Ensure your pup is insured - Our friends over at PetPlan offer Puppy Insurance, whether you are looking for their lifetime cover or limited 12 month policy cover.

6 - Prepare your home with all the puppy essentials - this includes toys and treats!

7 - Socialise your puppy as soon as they arrive home, getting them used to as many experiences as possible. Ways in which you can do this can be found here.

8 - LOVE your pup and have patience.

a pup is for life, not just for lockdown.

All in all, there are many factors to consider before you buy a puppy, questions you have to ask yourself to make sure it's the right thing to do, where to find the pup and things you can change in your home to help your puppy settle in. By carefully considering all of these factors, you will be well on your way to ensuring you have a healthy best friend for life.

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