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July 01, 2024

How much time do I need to book puppy therapy?

Are you thinking about bringing a gorgeous litter of puppies into your workplace? Booking puppy therapy is simpler and quicker than you might think! From the moment you make an enquiry to the day your staff enjoys some quality puppy time, the process is smooth and efficient. Here’s a guide to show you how it’s done.

You’ll be cuddling a puppy in no time!

9 simple steps to booking with Paws in Work

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Step 1: Schedule a call with our friendly bookings team

First things first, let's chat! Schedule a quick call with one of our friendly booking team members. We’ll discuss all the logistics of your puppy therapy event, answer your questions, and guide you through the process. This initial conversation sets the tone for a seamless experience.

Step 2: Organise your date

Next up, pick a date for your event. Our schedule is on a first-come, first-serve basis, so it’s best to act quickly (especially for any last-minute bookings). It’s always worth checking at this stage that you have a suitable space to hold your event. The minimum space requirement is 5 m x 4 m, but if you can provide a larger area, that's even better! Boardrooms, breakout rooms, or enclosed office spaces are ideal for our puppy therapy sessions. Check tables can be moved and access is trouble-free.

Step 3: Get sign off

The next step is getting sign-off. Gather all necessary information early and check out our helpful blog on how to get the green light for a Paws in Work event to take place. This is the season where people may be on holiday, so try to have a clear understanding of what those 'decision-makers' rotas look like. See how much information you need to present to them to make a quick decision. Being mindful of holidays and understanding key decision-makers' schedules will help speed things up.

We’ve got some great stats on how effective our events are, which will help the big dogs' ears prick up with interest. Knowing what budget you have to utilise ahead of the call makes this much easier as we can present you with the most relevant options for your day.

Step 4: Sign the booking form

Once given the go-ahead, we’ll send you an online booking form. Sign it off promptly to lock in your chosen date. We’ll also check a few extra bits here like billing details and any PO numbers that may be needed. All the boring stuff! This step is essential for locking in your date and moving forward with the fun part – planning the puppy therapy session. If you need to pass the form on to another member of the team to sign, you can do this easily through the online software.

Step 5: Organise your virtual risk assessment

Safety first! We conduct a virtual risk assessment using our simple, automated template. This ensures that the space provided is suitable for your staff but, most importantly, for the puppies. Key elements include managing temperature, providing access to water, and a few other bits. If any issues arise, we’ll arrange an in-person assessment as soon as possible. The quicker you complete this, the faster we can move forward. A short video on your phone to show us the location and entry/exit points usually helps us to get a good overview. Once checked, we’ll get your RAMS documents over, along with our insurance and license.

Step 6: Access your company dashboard

Once your risk assessment is checked , you'll get instant access to our state of the art booking system and your company dashboard. Here, your staff can manage their own bookings, cancel anddonate slots, and receive important reminders. You will also receive a welcome pack which includes photos, posters, FAQs and more to help you announce your event and get staff excited about the upcoming puppy day.

Step 7: Send out your booking link

We recommend sending out the comms to your staff no sooner than a week before the event. This timing ensures minimal last-minute cancellations and session rescheduling, keeping everyone excited and ready for puppy time. Scheduling a date for your event link to go ‘live’ is a nice touch that results in a fair and seamless booking experience for your staff!

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Step 8: It's puppy time!

The big day is here – it’s all about relaxation and joy with our adorable puppies. Your staff will love the chance to unwind and enjoy some furry cuddles. With bookings being monitored we can guarantee you high engagement and an unrivalled buzz in the office, making sure your day runs without a hitch.

Step 9: Receive instant feedback

As the event progresses, you’ll receive feedback from your team on your Paws in Work dashboard, helping you gauge the success of the event and providing valuable insights for future planning.

By following these simple steps, you can quickly and easily bring the joy of puppy therapy to your workplace, sooner than you think! We’ve even been known to turn around events in the same week, from start to finish.

Ready to get started? Contact our bookings team today and let’s plan an unforgettable event for your team’s wellbeing!

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