welcoming your pup into their new home
August 14, 2020

Welcoming your pup into their new home

welcoming your pup into their new home

by Abby Miller, Paws in Work blogger.

Lockdown has been a mixed bag for all of us, some of us have exercised more, some have taken the time to completely chill out and make time for ourselves, some may have learnt a new skill or some may have bought a puppy. With a lot of people being able to work from home and spend more time with their new pups, it's hard to keep track of things to consider and where to find them. Whether it’s a pup you already have or even a pup that will soon be on it’s way to you, we've got you covered!


Before your pet arrives home it is always best to shop around for the best insurance for your pup. With your new addition being so young, it can almost be unimaginable that any harm could come to them, and of course we want that too, but by covering them - it ensures you will not have to face any unaffordable veterinary bills.

Just like car insurance, puppy insurance can range quite dramatically based on a number of factors. These factors may include:

  • The breed of your pup
  • The age of your pup
  • Any potential underlying health issues
  • Any discounts/promotions you may have
  • Levels of cover
  • Your geographic location

Our friends over at PetPlan offer Puppy Insurance, whether you are looking for their lifetime cover or limited 12 month policy cover.

Dog toys.

Toys! Toys! Toys! Arguably going to be one of your pups favourite things ever (along with eating) and you will end up with hundreds of them! Just like children, you won't know what type of toy your pup will like until you find it. Sometimes they are the strangest and simplest of things but that’s what makes your beloved pup unique!

Dog bed.

As humans we love our beds right?! Well puppies are certainly no different. Pups will always want and need a comfortable place to relax and sleep to recoup all of their energy for the growing they have ahead of them! Puppies between the ages of 8-10 weeks old are renowned for sleeping between 18-20 hours a day so may be spending more time in their bed than you think. Our pals over at Paws with Opulence have a lovely range of luxury dog beds over on PetsPyjamas to help suit your pooches needs.


Puppy crates are very helpful for a number of reasons. Dog behaviourists suggest that having a crate can give your pup a great sense of security as well as peace of mind for you the owner. Even if you are doing your house work or popping out for a short while, the crate can be very useful. They are also used as a form of safe travel for pups so are essential to have. If trained and used correctly, a crate can turn into a safe haven for a pup and make them feel at ease regardless of location, which is a fundamental part of puppy socialisation. Once your puppy associates the crate as its safe haven, it will hopefully stop the possibility of your puppy crying at night.

Treats/ Food/ Hygiene.

What to feed your pup can always be a bit of a minefield. The best way to start is to ask your breeder what they have been feeding the pup since birth and has this agreed with them. This will give you a better understanding of where to start. It is always best to stick to one variety and a high quality product when feeding your pup if all is going well with digestion. The Kennel Club offers great support and advice on this subject.

Here at Paws in Work we created a delicious recipe for your puppy - ‘bedtime biscuits’ - give them a try, your pup won't be disappointed!


Going to the groomer is almost how humans feel about going to the dentist, can be scary right? Introducing ‘grooming-like’ actions around your puppy from as young as 8 weeks would be a good place to start i.e. using a soft brush and brushing your pups fur from the head down to the lower back area. The younger a puppy is, the easier it will be to habituate to the grooming process.

Leads/ Harness.

Regardless of breed, at the puppy stage, harnesses offer fantastic support and protection for puppies. It evenly distributes the weight when you are guiding them on walks and alleviates pressure from one part of their body. Slightly longer haired breeds may find the harnesses rub too much on their fur so this may be something they grow out of quicker but it’s always best to see what works for you and your pup.

Ethical Breeders.

All in all, looking after puppies and welcoming them into their new home is a very exciting time and with all the correct preparation, as well as purchasing your pup from an ethical, reputable breeder, your puppy will be well on it’s way to settling in just fine!

For more information on anything puppy related, please feel free to take a look at our other blogs on puppy welfare. Our if you are looking for a puppy from an ethical breeder, enter your details in our breeder match.

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