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November 10, 2023

Inside Paws HQ - September/October

With World Mental Health Day just behind us, the last couple of months have been an incredibly busy period for the team at Paws in Work; delivering puppy therapy events, mental health courses and of course, hanging out and socialising adorable litters of puppies.

Throughout September and October, the team brought joy in the form of puppy therapy to a total of 69 offices in and around London, whilst simultaneously socialising 79 puppies. We welcomed Cockapoos, Lab x Lurchers, Bulldogs and Scottish Terriers (just to name a few) onto our socialisation programme and like always, hearts were melted throughout.

Whilst our puppy therapy events were taking place, we were also busy delivering many mental health courses, including our bespoke masterclasses and exclusive webinars... more on that later.

Inside Paws - Puppy Therapy and Mental Health Training

World Mental Health Day

At Paws in Work, we truly believe there will be no need for a day like World Mental Health Day and it sounds as silly as 'World Physical Health Day'. But for now, World Mental Health Day is a great time to raise awareness and that's exactly why we made sure we shouted about the importance of mental health in the workplace and beyond

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Puppy Therapy events

We couldn't honour World Mental Health Day at Paws in Work without puppies, so that's why we ran 3 puppy therapy events per day throughout the week. It was great to see companies recognise the importance of this day and we loved spreading awareness of mental health with the addition of some amazing litters.

World Mental Health Day - Inside Paws

A day of webinars

Alongside our puppy therapy events, we also put on a special 'All Access Package' for clients on World Mental Health Day. Employees were able to join a series of discussions surrounding Mental Health with a variety of industry experts such as Beyond founder and campaigner Jonny Benjamin.

New litter alert: German Shepherds

October was a very exciting month as we finally got to work with an adorable litter of German Shepherd puppies... the first time since 2019! Appropriately named after ‘Autumn things’, pups such as Boo, Rustle (rustling leaves) and Pumpkin, were certainly a hit with the team and attendees! It’s safe to say that they didn’t realise just how big they were, and loved having a cuddle with everyone.

Are you a breeder and want your next litter of puppies to join our socialisation programme? Enquire today!

Inside Paws - German Shepherd Litter

Welcome to the Pack, James

Throughout the business of Q3, we also welcomed James to the growing team! He joins the sales department, helping to bring puppy therapy and mental health training to offices throughout London and surrounding areas. He's already settled into the Paws in Work team and he's fallen in love with a few puppies already...

Find out if we have the perfect role for you over on our careers page.

Meet our English Bulldogs

With an English Bulldog being part and parcel of why Paws in Work was founded, we were so excited to welcome a litter back in September. It wasn't just the team who fell in love with the chunky litter, they became an internet sensation over on LinkedIn and we can't say we're not surprised.

Head over to our LinkedIn page to meet the litter with some 'hearty' nicknames.


Overheard at Paws

Our puppy therapy sessions are a chance for employees to take time out of their busy working schedules, spend time with a litter of adorable puppies and completely switch off. Every day, we get to hear some amazing comments from attendees and we had to share some of our favourites. Watch now for an instant serotonin boost (and a slight element of jealousy).

Inside Paws - Puppy Therapy and Mental Health

And lastly our favourite photo of the month...

Inside Paws - Puppy therapy
How could you say no to those puppy eyes?
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