Inside Paws HQ - July & August
September 05, 2023

Inside Paws HQ - July/August

It's been a whirlwind couple of months at Paws in Work! We've been all over London and beyond, hosting puppy therapy events, delivering our mental health training, and socialising our furry friends. Though our team's been busy, they've also had the chance to take some time out themselves with our wellbeing days!

If you're curious about what happens behind the scenes in the coolest job ever, you're in for a treat. Read on to get the inside scoop on what our team has been up to in July & August.

Inside Paws HQ - Employee wellbeing specialists

Puppy socialisation programme

Our mission is to create a better life for people and pups, and our puppy therapy events help puppies from a young age develop into confident social adult dogs. By exposing them to new experiences and a variety of people, they are less likely to show aggressive or anxious behaviour later in life.

We are always looking to further develop our socialisation programme and our Puppy Welfare team have been working incredibly hard behind the scenes over the past few months to do just this.In August, it was finally time to trial this amongst sessions and with our loveable litters of pups!

We implemented some new stimuli such as wobble boards, tunnels and foam blocks into the setup and carefully monitored how the puppies reacted to them. Exposing them to new textures and levels stimulates their senses and encourages them to explore their environment.

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Inside Paws HQ - Employee wellbeing specialists

Wellbeing Days

At Paws in Work, we truly believe that everyone needs a breather now and then, which is why we implemented quarterly 'Employee Wellbeing Days'. For one day our employees hit the pause button on work and do something for themselves.

Some employees simply enjoyed a well-deserved lie-in and catching up with the latest TV series, whereas others went for a long walk either by themselves or some furry friends! One staff member got the opportunity to have a hand at pottery and another even got to attend a music festival a day earlier!

Our employee wellbeing days help keep the Paws in Work team happy, healthy, and ready to tackle anything that comes their way!

Inside Paws HQ - Employee wellbeing specialists

Meet the team!

Behind our puppy therapy events and mental health training run, we have a team of over 20 ensuring they run smoothly and effectively! This includes our Marketing Executive, Hannah.

You can find her writing our blogs, creating our emails and newsletters, developing our partnerships and working on various marketing campaigns!

Find out more about her role over on Instagram.

Inside Paws HQ - Employee wellbeing specialists

What does working at Paws really look like?

Have you ever wondered what working at Paws in Work really looks like? Aside from delivering our puppy therapy events, our staff always find the time to play and cuddle with the adorable litters we welcome to our programme!

Watch for an instant dopamine boost!

Inside Paws HQ - Employee wellbeing specialists

Meet our new litter of Scotties

In July and August, we met many litters of puppies including Cockapoos, Cocker Spaniels, Pugs and Dachshunds. We also got the opportunity to welcome a litter of Scottish Terriers to the ever-growing list of breeds we have worked with.

Their excitable and confident personality melted a lot of hearts, and we're already looking forward to welcoming another litter. Just look at those ears!

If you are a breeder and interested in working with Paws in Work enquire today.

Inside Paws HQ - Employee wellbeing specialists

Meet one of our Mental Health trainers

As well as our puppy therapy events, we also offer mental health training courses to employees and businesses. Our MHFA-accredited courses are delivered by several mental health trainers who have a wide breadth of knowledge across a number of fields.

Head over to our Linkedin
to learn more about our trainer Steve!

Inside Paws HQ - Employee wellbeing specialists

And lastly our favourite photo of the month...

Inside Paws HQ - Puppy Therapy specialists
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