Pups playing

there is no event quite like puppy therapy

With the most creative attention to detail, we captivate your everyday office space, boardroom, or social area into an immersive garden landscape, filled with artificial grass, low level chairs, beanbags, colourful cushions, warm throws and picket fences.

Not forgetting our wig-wam sleep zone for the puppies to snooze and recharge, you can rest assured we've covered every angle.


our passionate team will host your day

Every employee will able to appreciate the relaxed feel and seamless running of the day, whilst our dedicated team look after the finer details. With some staff cuddling a sleeping puppy and others happy to watch brothers and sisters play fight, our events can be appreciated by everyone.

Our litters and dog owners alike are fully screened prior to any event meaning safety, cleanliness and piece of mind are fully satisfied.

Book your next event today and let us show you how a wellness event should be run.

Paws in Work Cara with Pups