Our Story


Paws in Work founder - Ashley Fry, explains how the company was formed, its core values and how the company continues to evolve into one of the most unique, sought after wellness programmes for the modern workplace.


how it began..

Dogs have a way in bringing out a side of you that can't be replicated. A side that's special.

My most memorable experience to this was my family pet Nelson. He was like no other. He was a cheeky, stubborn, lazy, but loveable English Bulldog who was extremely in tune with all human emotion. Nelson was brought up in a loving home, as a gift for my ill Mother who was fighting a long battle with cancer.


something special

Years later, Nelson moved into my London flat with my now wife, Rebecca. He continued to provide untold amounts of love, very quickly becoming famous in the local pub in Wimbledon where he was known by name. It was clear to see, that Nelson had not just an effect on us, but anyone who's path he crossed.


difficult times

A grey morning late in 2016, awoke us with a day we will never forget. Our beloved Nelson had sadly passed away in the night, silently where he slept aged just 6 years old and instantly we felt the hole in our home. Anyone who has ever lost a family dog I am sure can relate to this awful moment.


true friendship

It's clear why people become dog lovers, and why dogs have a special place in our hearts as human beings. With London life especially not ideal for busy working families to own a dog, I wanted to find a way in which people are able to still benefit from the love and warmth they can give, without having to leave them for prolonged periods at home.

The effects of their presence really is too great to miss out on.


your feedback

Whilst spending my early years in the health and fitness industry, I would be open to some invaluable feedback that would pave the way for some key decisions in the launch of the business. Working with large companies on wellness days for their employees, we would provide talks on the benefits of 'healthy living' and 'wellbeing'. Something that we would promote, yet not necessarily practise ourselves.


the impact

Through various events, classes, goody bags and fruit bowl drops it was clear to see over time that employees needed much more. With mental health issues and stress related illnesses on the rise, there had to be a change. Something that would pull staff away from their desks to truly switch off, not just another yoga class or 'boozy team lunch'.

Something different.


Paws in Work was born

After some thought it was clear there was an answer that I was fully able to relate to. Dogs. More specifically, puppies. Lots and lots of puppies...and so, just like that Paws in Work was born.

As we branch out into more and more well known brands, the reception of our work also in turn grows, with heart warming stories from employees of how our events have truly helped.


a new arrival

With Nelson being a driving force in our work, and wanting to find a way to help fill the space in our home, I surprised my wife Rebecca with a present that was extremely fitting with our Paws in Work expansion. A young English Bulldog girl just 9 weeks old named Margot. She was to become a little Paws in Work sensation in herself, coming to meetings and spreading the joy of puppy therapy first hand.


margot -

the face of Paws in Work

As Margot continues to grow, along with our brand, we invite you to come and be part of our playful journey into making a difference to peoples work and health, joining us for a few cuddles along the way!

This is employee wellbeing.