Why employers should book puppy therapy
October 26, 2023

Why employers should book puppy therapy

“We can all agree that puppy therapy sounds like fun, but is that enough reason to book it for my workplace?”

We’re often asked variations on this question, so we thought we should explain our answer. The simple answer is that puppy therapy isn’t just fun. It brings your employees a wide range of mental health and wellbeing benefits.

Healthy, happy employees create better workplaces and find it easier to engage with their jobs.

So let’s dive in!

Why employers should book puppy therapy

Why you should try puppy therapy to improve employee wellbeing

Here are just a few reasons why puppy therapy is so effective.

Mental health benefits of puppy therapy

Puppy therapy is uniquely effective at helping us to deal with mental health challenges.

For example, employees struggling with depression or loneliness may understand that they should spend more time with others but might find it difficult. Spending time with dogs can provide the “social recognition” they need to feel seen and cared about.

People with social anxiety often worry about saying the wrong thing in group situations. Puppy therapy is a low-stakes environment filled with comments like ‘Awww’ and ‘He’s SO cute!’, making it a great, low-pressure way for socially anxious employees to relax and open up.

Puppy therapy is the ultimate de-stressing activity. It’s hard to worry about a report you need to write or an email you need to send when a young puppy is crawling onto your lap and trying to snuffle in your ear.

Puppies demand your focused attention, which lets you put your everyday burdens aside. That’s an essential skill for mental health and wellbeing.

Stroking puppies also releases the hormone oxytocin, which helps you ditch the stress and feel relaxed and calm. Employees go back to their day feeling re-energized and focused.

More benefits of puppy therapy

As we can see, puppy therapy does great things for individual wellbeing and mental health. Puppy therapy's slightly more subtle benefit is its effect on employee morale.

We all like to feel seen and valued. We even want to feel just a little bit special now and again. Even a small, unexpected kindness can dramatically impact how valued and special we feel.

We know that puppy therapy offers tangible benefits, but it feels like pure indulgence. Offering puppy therapy in the office shows your employees that you value them and want them to be happy.

It’s a concrete demonstration that you’re willing to put their happiness and wellbeing first. That’s great for team morale.

Social benefits of puppy therapy

We know that workplaces are more productive (and enjoyable) when employees get to know each other and form great relationships. That’s why so many employers are keen to get their staff back into the office.

Just being in the same building isn’t enough to build relationships, though. We need shared experiences and a reason to talk. Puppy therapy is the perfect ice-breaker. Employees get to see each other in the best possible light and have relaxed conversations.

Movement benefits of puppy therapy

Ok, puppy therapy isn’t going to make a big difference to your step count for the day or replace a HIIT workout, but there are still benefits to walking away from your desk.

Scientists are becoming increasingly concerned with the effects of sitting for hours every day. Your employees need to know that they’re allowed (even encouraged) to stand up, stretch, and move during the work day.

Offering events that take workers away from their desks can help normalise taking breaks. Puppy therapy shows your employees that you’re not focused on keeping them at their desks for every possible minute. It’s the perfect antidote to presenteeism.

We often hear that people were so refreshed after puppy therapy that they saw new solutions to difficult projects. Getting up from the desk (and onto the floor with puppies) can help employees find fresh new perspectives.

Experience the benefits of puppy therapy

Puppy therapy is incredibly fun, but it’s so much more than that. Get in touch with us to book your puppy therapy session and find out more!

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