French Bulldog Puppy by Chair
July 27, 2018


Rebecca and I have our first wedding anniversary coming up. I got her a little surprise in the way of an English Bulldog pup called 'Margot'. Margot continues to represent the face of our brand. -

Watch the video below.

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September 01, 2020

featured artist: tinkl ILLUSTRATION

Here at Paws in Work we love supporting artists (especially when they have dogs involved!), check out our Q&A with the wonderful tinkl ILLUSTRATION.

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July 09, 2020

life in lockdown, the ups and downs.

Meet Ashely Fry, our founder here at Paws in Work and chief cuddler, both at work and at home with newborn baby Teddy. We find out how he's been coping in lockdown with a baby, dog and a new business…

DSC 9017
April 06, 2020

lucy’s law...the story anyone looking to buy a puppy should know

The Coronavirus outbreak has seen a surge in people buying/rehoming puppies. It’s crucial that we educate ourselves on where our pups are coming from and how this groundbreaking new legislation aims to help in putting an end to puppy farms...

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