Paws in Work puppy socialisation programme
December 11, 2023

Meet Paws in Work graduate Kora

One of the questions we get asked most at our events is 'Can I take a pup home with me?' Sadly we don't own the pups, but we have a network of ethical breeders that may be able to help. Our breeder match service allows us to put those who are serious about looking for a new puppy in touch with our network of amazing and reputable breeder partners.

Not only do they know they are coming from an ethical home, but our socialisation programme also helps puppies from a young age develop into confident social adult dogs, less likely to show aggressive or anxious behaviour later in life. This is all whilst being constantly monitored by trained and experienced staff in a safe controlled environment.

Meet Kora

Kora joined us back in July, when we socialised a beautiful litter of Standard Poodles. Kora settled into her new home shortly after her time at Paws in Work and we were very lucky to catch up with her new owners to find out how she was getting on - spoiler alert, very well!

Read on to find out how Kora's owners found their dream dog with the assistance of our breeder match service and learn about the positive impact our socialisation program has had on her temperament and characteristics.

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How did you first hear about Paws in Work/our Breeder Match programme?

My other half was lucky enough to attend a Paws in Work session when in her London office, having been to a few sessions with various puppies, the session with the poodle puppies got us seriously talking about the breed. And we realised that these pups would have a great start in life and we looked into the breeder match programme and had a message from the breeder a few moments later!

What were your reasons for getting a dog at this time in your life?

We’ve been wanting a dog of our own for a painfully long time, but we felt that our working and living situation wasn’t perfect enough for a pup. Over the last year we’ve settled into our first home, secured the fence and built a doggy bedroom and Fiona has found a flexible employer to be able to devote the time and attention Kora deserves.

Paws in Work socialisation programme

Could you please describe Kora's temperament and characteristics?

Kora has been a very easy dog from the beginning. She loves meeting new people but knows to be gentle and patient for a cuddle. Her go-to move is to sit at your feet, look up at you and melt into lying at your feet for a snuggle. She’s been amazing at experiencing new things, just the other day a neighbour let off a firework and she was very relaxed!

Based on how she behaves now, do you believe she benefited from our socialisation programme?

Everyone who meets Kora always remarks on how gentle and loving she is, and how she wants nothing more than to curl up at your feet and wait for love to be bestowed on her.

Can you share any specific examples?

Kora came into my work to meet some of my colleagues, and despite it being a busy new environment, she was calm, collected, and just so happy to meet each and every person.

How does Kora react to the following:


Kora has rarely rested to strange noises, in fact, we had Fiona’s sister and her dog, Bertie, staying with us and they tested a YouTube video of sounds to desensitise a pup, to which Kora continued her rest with the occasional head tilt. When the video reached the doorbell sound, Bertie was all a fluster woofing and running around causing Fiona’s sister to run around after him trying to stop the doorbell sound. Kora happily remained in her bed, silently watching the chaos unfold in front of her.


Kora has enjoyed a range of textures, in her first few days she was aware of the boundary between rooms and only ventured into a new room once she was invited by us. Her favourite has been the cold tiles on the hotter days.


Kora has been very accepting of anything that may have a suspicious wobble. One of her favourite pastimes is to stand in the garden with her front paws up on a wobbly rock to survey the garden, sniff the breeze and watch the birds.


Kora is remarkably tolerant, and whenever we take her to the vets or groomers they are so amazed by how easy and lovely she is, people often don’t believe that she’s a puppy!

Paws in work socialisation programme

Is Kora sociable and friendly with every human she meets?

Amazingly so! We took her on a short stay at a dog-friendly hotel and she loved every minute as she got to greet the guests and staff who were almost as obsessed with her as she was of them! She’s been good at learning who does and who doesn’t want a cuddle too as we have family friends who are scared of dogs and she adapted so well.

Does she get along well with other dogs?

She gets on with other dogs really well. It’s an area that has been more challenging for us as a lot of our friend’s dogs have their own anxiety, so we’ve had to be very mindful of introductions. She’s always desperate to be best pals with other dogs and has learnt to sit and be respectful of their space (well most of the time, she is a puppy!) at puppy class she quickly became friends with the other pups and the trainer has remarked that she is so well behaved with the other pups.

Paws in Work socialisation programme

What's her behaviour like during car rides?

For Kora, the car is like a giant sleepy teleportation device. As soon as she’s “buckled in” she drifts off to a deep sleep for the journey. We’ve even tested it when she was a bit wired from playtime and she still settled straight away.

Would you recommend our Breeder Match service to others?

We absolutely would, we know how important finding the right breeder is - but it’s hard to find that right person. We would do it again when Kora is old enough for a sibling and recommend it to anyone looking for a new family member.

The experience was quick, easy and informative. All of the key boxes had been ticked so I could relax a bit on the breeder research and focus on the big thing of getting a puppy!

Looking to welcome a new furry friend to your home and don't know where to start? Fill in your details on our breeder match form and we can put you in touch with some of the many ethical breeders on our network.

If you’re a breeder or want to learn more about our socialisation programme, sign up for the Paws in Work newsletter or get in touch to learn more about how Paws in Work can help you.

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