Inside Paws - June
July 17, 2023

Inside Paws HQ - June

Welcome to another edition of Inside Paws, where we go behind the scenes at the best job in the world. Last month we introduced new starters, met new litters and even hosted our very first Paws in the Park; more of that below.

June also saw a record number of puppy therapy events hosted… 39! That equated to over 2700 happy attendees and 42 puppies socialised. Alongside our puppy therapy events, we delivered 9 mental health training courses, from Awareness masterclasses to MHFAider© courses.

Inside paws hq - june

Paws in the park

What happens when our founder Ashley is in charge of the summer social? Inflatables!

To celebrate a busy and successful first half of the year, the whole team at Paws in Work got together in June and became big kids for the day with an array of fun inflatable activities. There were gladiator and sumo suit challenges, assault courses and even a bungee run - safe to say we were aching the next morning but it was so worth it!

Inside Paws HQ - June

Welcome to the pack

It takes an army to facilitate our puppy therapy sessions and mental health training, so we are always welcoming team members to the pack. Last month we welcomed not one, but two new starters!

Ellie joins as a Mid-Weight designer who will be working on designing a variety of assets seen across our website, social media channels and many more. Ellie will also be assisting with photography, so you may see her at some of our puppy therapy events!

Danielle also joined last month as Sales Executive, she will be helping to scale and deliver our events across London and beyond. In between chatting with clients, I’m sure she’ll visit a few events to cuddle a pup or two!

Inside Paws HQ - June

Team Spotlight

With nearly 30 team members at Paws in Work now, it’s no surprise that our events and mental health training run as smoothly as they do. That includes our Operations Executive, Harry. You can find him conducting risk assessments prior to our puppy therapy events ensuring the venue is suitable for the puppies' arrival, setting up and packing down our events.

Find out a little bit more about Harry’s role over on our Instagram here.

Inside Paws Hq - June

Meet our new litters

As always, we love welcoming new litters to our socialisation programme. Having worked with over 30 different breeds to date, it’s always exciting when we meet a new breed, getting to discover their temperaments and personalities.

Last month we met a litter of Boradors, a mix between a Border Collie and Labrador; their temperament was just as lovely as you’d expect! With moderate energy levels, they were incredibly intelligent, and loved playing, eating and cuddling!

We also socialised a litter of Shihtzu puppies in June. As an all-female litter of 5, they were appropriately named after ‘The Spice Girls!’. It’s safe to say attendees and Paws in Work staff fell in love with these fluffy bundles of joy!

Inside Paws HQ - June

Overheard at Paws

We overhear some of the best lines at our puppy therapy sessions and we can’t not share them with you! This was our favourite from last month, and guess what? Yes, we are! Head over to our careers page to find out if we have the perfect job for you.

Inside Paws HQ - June

And lastly our favourite photo of the month...

Inside Paws HQ - June
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