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June 26, 2020

Hector & Jessica

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meet hector.

breed: Mini Schnauzer.

age: 4.

instagram: Unplugged pooch.

favourite treat: Homemade bedtime biscuits.

favourite cuddles: Cuddles are welcome at all times but especially when he’s sleepy – he falls sound asleep in my arms, seemingly in seconds. There may even be a little gentle snoring.

favourite game: Moving Monkey, his truest and oldest friend, around the office, house and garden, so they are never too far apart.

what gets their tail wagging most? His Dad arriving home.

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what job do hector and jessica do? Hector supervises me in my role as a book editor. He is an absolute stickler for time-keeping. He’s very keen that I observe regular screen breaks and pee breaks. Sometimes his timing is awry (he can be anything up to an hour early for the afternoon break) and, though he is always polite, resistance is futile when he turns those eyes on me….

what was their first day in the office like? Timed to perfection, it was the day of a charity cake sale, which was a great opportunity to meet everyone at one go and make lots of friends. Anxious to impress on his first day, Hector also worked very hard on the tidying up, as there were crumbs everywhere. Beforehand, we had walked three times around the block to make sure that no one was tempted to cock a leg on a desk leg (my biggest worry).

how often does hector go to the office? Not enough for his liking. Even before lockdown, he was used to working from my home office, where he keeps a bed for when the pressure of work gets to him.

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what is hector’s favourite thing to do in the office? Greeting everyone in the morning. And the next time he sees them. And at lunch time. And whenever they pass my desk. And saying goodbye at going-home time.

does hector like sharing his office space? He couldn’t be more delighted to have human company – in addition to the inestimable Monkey, of course. He particularly likes a meeting in the big meeting room as that means even more people to talk to.

other than you (of course) who is hector’s favourite colleague? He’s far too diplomatic to name names. But treats help.

how has having hector at work improved the working environment? Our work place is very friendly anyway, and civilised, but having Hector there has added another dimension of engagement. People want to know how he is, how his friends are, what his plans are for the weekend. He’s a great boon.

does hector ever get up to mischief/any embarrassing office stories? He avoided the temptation to mark his territory on his first day, but dragged my hapless boss, who’d kindly offered to hold him when they’d only just met, through a crowd of people towards the cake table (and me). He may be small, but he knows his own mind and he’s made of pure muscle.

paws in home bonus question! how is hector coping with the UK on lockdown? Hector loves having his mum and dad at home, but he’s not quite sure who he should be supervising the most closely. This has led to difficultly with scheduling and a bit of overworking on his part, early on. He also misses the ‘evening ecstasy’ (jumping on the sofa, running in circles and emitting shrieks of joy) when his dad comes home from his office. There’s no opportunity for that in lockdown. Otherwise, he’s keeping cheerful and relishes having easy access to the garden, where he has taken on supervising the under gardener.

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