Jax The Buffoon2
November 02, 2020

Grott, The Buffoon & Jax

Grott The Buffoon

meet poppy (aka grott) and barney (aka the buffoon).

breed: Shih Tzu.

age: Grott 10 years, The Buffoon 9 years.

instagram: Absolutely not (from Grott) / far too nervous (from The Buffoon).

favourite treat: Ham.

favourite cuddles: Grott is far too much of a diva for cuddles – you can admire her from a far!!! The Buffoon – under the fluffy blanket where he feels safe.

favourite game: Grott’s favourite game is when you tell her to go outside for a wee – she goes outside – does an immediate 360 degree turn at high speed, then waits to be let back in! No wees are had during this process. She thinks it is hilarious! The Buffoon loves to repeatedly have any one of his disgustingly smelly toys thrown for him!

what gets their tail wagging most? Me coming down in the morning to greet them and give them their daily Denta Stick. Because it is early in the morning Grott forgets she is supposed to be aloof!!!

what job do grott and the buffoon do? Jax’s job title is Helping to Get Things Done, and she gets involved in lots of different things. The Buffoon likes to help out by providing endless amusement by merely existing and being a buffoon. Grott is no help whatsoever and refuses POINT BLANK to help out.

Jax Grott

what was their first day in the office like? Hmmm frosty!!! They were both somewhat put out at having their HOURS of sleep interrupted by incessant chatter on never ending Zoom meetings. This went on for about a month, then they both reluctantly, Grott more so, gave in to sharing ‘their’ space with Jax and her online colleagues.

how often do grott and the buffoon go to the office? Grott when she is forced to. The Buffoon – all day every day, 7 days a week (he has not yet grasped the concept of weekends).

The Buffoon With Stinky Toy

what are grott’s and the buffoon’s favourite thing to do in the office? Grott loves to sigh dramatically, roll on her back and play dead. All for attention. The Buffoon loves to be close by and be part of anything that is going on – he just wants to be included.

do grott and the buffoon like sharing their office space? Grott – absolutely NOT!!!! The Buffoon – the more the merrier.

other than you (of course) who are grott’s and the buffoon’s favourite colleague. Unfortunately Grott does not like anyone, Jax sometimes wonders if she even likes her!!! The Buffoon loves Emily the best – he knows she ‘understands’ him and loves him ‘just the way he is’.

how has having grott and the buffoon at work improved the working environment? Grott brings her own special something to the working environment – Jax has yet to discover quite what this is, but she said she will let us know when she finds out! The Buffoon is readily available for cuddles at any time of the day – his soft and fluffy little body instantly transforms those ‘not so good days’ into ‘good days’.

do grott and the buffoon ever get up to mischief/any embarrassing office stories? The ‘second’ Jax goes on a call they both trot over to the door to be let out – almost every single time. They could both have been sleeping peacefully for hours, Jax logs on to Zoom, up they both get and off they both trot!!!

paws in home bonus question! how are grott and the buffoon coping with the UK on lockdown? Grott is NOT coping!!!! The Buffoon loves it, more time for loves.

Grott Playing Dead

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