December 28, 2020

Dorothy & Wendi


meet dorothy.

breed: english springer spaniel.

age: 4.

instagram: @wendi.peters.

favourite treat: biscuits .. but any food really !!!

favourite cuddles:

favourite game: getting the stuffing, and squeak, out of her toys.

what gets their tail wagging most? food and a walk.


what job do dorothy and wendi do? Dorothy’s job is emptying the kitchen bin as often as she can and relaxing on the sofa in the bedroom. Wendi is an actress and works away from home quite a lot. She is most well known for playing Cilla Battersby Brown in Coronation St. and has appeared in many theatre productions in London and all over the UK.

what was their first day in the office like? Dorothy has a mind of her own … she’s almost human !! I’ve only taken her into my dressing room once, and she behaved a lot better than I thought she might, but it was stressful !!! She didn’t like me leaving her when I went on stage, even with plenty of treats. Luckily, you couldn’t hear her crying on stage. She wanted to visit everyone’s dressing room, to see if they had any food, obviously!!! I think I’d take her again, if I had to, but she just loves company and scavenging….

how often does dorothy go to the office? As I said above, only once to a theatre dressing room but recently, because of Coronavirus, I’ve been working a little from home, doing voiceovers. I set up a home studio in a cupboard recess in our dining room. Occasionally, I get a wet nose poking around the soundproof curtain, if she’s been let out of the utility room. Luckily, I haven’t had to re-record due to dog noise!!!


what is dorothy's favourite thing to do in the office? Dorothy loves people and company. She loved visiting everyone else’s dressing
rooms, to say hello …. But mainly to see if they had any food.

does dorothy like sharing her office space? My friend, and actress, Vicki Davids, was in the play too. She has a beautiful cockapoo called Doris, who tours with her and is used to being in a dressing room and is beautifully trained. Things were going really well, Dorothy and Doris were getting on, wagging tails and playing in the corridor. Then Doris tried to come into my dressing room…. Dorothy didn’t like that and very quickly put her in her place !!!

other than you (of course) who is dorothy's favourite colleague? She loved our company manager, Andy, but anyone with biscuits really….

how has having dorothy at work improved the working environment? It was only for a day at the theatre but it was a wonderful atmosphere, everyone coming to visit and chat. Doris was there for most of the job and it just seems to brighten everyone’s evening.

does dorothy ever get up to mischief/any embarrassing office stories? She is always up to mischief and can navigate her way around most doors, open or shut, in search of food. If it isn’t pushed right back on the surface, she’ll have it…. Bags on the floor are her favourite foraging places.

paws in home bonus question! how is dorothy coping with the UK on lockdown? This year has been heaven for Dorothy !!! Having me home all the time, lots of long walks and plenty of treats …. She is going to be in for a big shock when theatre gets back to normal next year, fingers crossed, and I have to be away again. She sits by the front door now, even when I just go to the supermarket for an hour !!!

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