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"Do you own the puppies?" It’s understandable that one of the things we get asked about the most is who owns the puppies we bring along to our events. Well, we can assure you that the pups who join employees for sessions of awesome puppy therapy are sourced from trusted owners. We want to make sure at every step of the way that we deal with reputable people who operate ethically and who also have the wellbeing of the pups at heart as much as we do.

A litter of puppies

Getting to know the owners and breeders

Owners who express an interest in allowing puppies to come out to play with Paws in Work are vetted thoroughly and have to go through a stringent screening process. We meet with owners regularly before the pups go to our events, and any owners that do not meet our criteria for puppy well-being and care simply don’t get to work with us. Getting to know the owners of the pups we work with is very much a two-way process, allowing the breeders to get to know and trust us just as much as us getting to know them.

We look for owners that feel like they could be an extension of our team, sharing the same outlook on how puppies should be cared for and socialised. We will only work with trusted, ethical owners who seek to promote ethical breeding and highlight what to avoid in order to help to put an end to unethical puppy farms.

What do we look for when working with a particular litter?

  • A litter of ideally five or more puppies.
  • Litters aged between 8 to 14 weeks old.
  • Communication as early as possible with the owners so we can start to build our working relationship and speak plenty of times before the events.
  • Location. We operate in London only for now, or outer London if the event is reasonably near. We always base our events local to the breeders in order to minimise travel time for the pups.

Paws in Work cannot stress enough that the welfare of the pups is our number one priority, and as such we are adamant that the owners supplying the animals are on the same page as us when it comes to care. It’s not just a case of boxes being ticked - we want owners who have a passion for making sure their puppies are raised to be healthy and happy.

puppies at play

Puppy care at our events

During our events, we maintain that trusted relationship between us and the owners with updates on their pups’ progress and the adventures they are having throughout the day. We have a socialisation checklist that we use to ensure the puppies are developing properly each day that they are out with us.

At Paws in Work, we believe that transparency is key. We will show you how everything works and exactly what to expect from our events and the way we work. We communicate travel times, collection and drop off times to fit around your schedule. We have worked with first-time and established breeders and are always happy to assist owners with anything they would like to know.

Working with reputable owners ensures that we walk the walk (or walkies) as well as talk the talk. We’re serious about helping to relieve stress at work, and we’re every bit as serious about the owners we source our puppy comrades from.

Meet some of our owners


A 5 star licensed Kennel Club assured breeder, Dan is a busy young guy who we've helped to free up some time while giving the pups complete care - and a lot of fab socialisation.



Her first litter of dachshunds was so popular at events that we helped to find one of them a forever home.



A busy mum who needed some support during the Summer holidays. Paws in Work made initial contact and we loved having her black labrador puppies out at events with us.



Yoko asked us to take her first litter of cockapoos out to help the pups socialise, including the nervous little pup Patricia, who quickly developed into a happy and confident girl after her socialisation with Paws in Work.



Busy Oksana had to return to work after 8 weeks. She knew her pups weren’t ready to leave, and so she asked Paws in Work to help support in their development until week 11. She was delighted to see this litter leave with so many more positive experiences.



In her litter was a weaker pup, Tinkerbelle, who needed extra care and attention. One of our visitors fell in love with her and decided she would be a perfect companion for his other dog. She had found her forever home.



Sam is a five star, Kennel Club assured breeder of miniature Dachshunds, Staffies and Frenchies who found us on Instagram and understands the importance of proper socialisation for young puppies, so it made sense for us to work together.



Her puppy mum had lost weight and her coat had lost its shine through caring for her pups so much and so attentively. We helped to socialise the pups giving mum a much-needed break. At the end of their time with us, mum had regained her weight and glossy coat, and the pups were super confident!



A 5-star licenced breeder of dachshunds who attends a lot of dog shows. For Kerry the wellbeing and development of her puppies and the mental health of the people we visit, is something she is keen to support.

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