Mental Health Awareness Week

Save your place on our free Pawsitivi-tea webinars for Mental Health Awareness Week this May (15th - 21st).

Grab a cuppa and join Paws in Work in discussion with some of our top MHFA Instructors to chat through common Mental Health issues associated with this year's theme of 'Anxiety'.

Mike O Hara

Anxious Eaters: How Anxiety feeds bad eating habits.

Tuesday 16th May @ 1pm

Join us for our 20-minute webinar with MHFA Instructor Mike O’Hara and Paws in Work’s Founder and CEO, Ashley Fry, who will be discussing the association between food and emotion, in the context of anxiety and stress. We will also share some tips on how to counteract such issues and encourage a healthier approach.

Ashley Bivans

Too Worried to Sleep: How Anxiety affects our rest

Wednesday 17th May @ 1pm

Join us for our 20-minute webinar and a cup of Pawsitivi-tea with our expert MHFA Instructor Olivia Hamilton and Paws in Work's very own Director Adam Amhama. They will discuss the intricate relationship between sleep quality and mental health, as well as the disruptive impact anxiety can have on our overall wellbeing.

Olivia Hamilton

Stress Less: Breaking your Anxiety Cycle

Thursday 18th May @ 1pm

Join our expert MHFA Training Instructor Ashley Biven and Paws in Work Mental Health Manager Chloë Morrison, for a 20-minute Pawsitivi-tea webinar to discover techniques that can help you escape the spiral of fear and distress. We discuss the mechanisms of the anxiety cycle and unlock a toolbox of approaches to manage it.

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