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Have a question about our pup-ups?

We've put together these FAQ's specifically for our pup-events. If your question isn't answered below, feel free to drop us a message with your question, and we'll aim to get back to you ASAP.

Booking process

How do I book my company in?

There is a booking link displayed on our ‘Pup-Up Event’ web pages, simply click through to the link and you will see all available dates and time slots. Each time slot consists of 1 x 25-minute puppy therapy session, with a maximum of 8 attendees per session. Once you have chosen the time slot(s) you would like to book for your company, you will be asked to fill out a few details and then make payment to confirm your booking. When your booking has been confirmed, a member of the Paws in Work team will contact you to guide you through the next steps.

How do we make payment?

Payment can be made via Card through the Eventbrite page, or we can also send you an invoice if you prefer to pay via BACS. Please get in touch directly with us if this is preferred.

Can we book more than one time slot?

You are welcome to book as many 25-minute time slots as you would like. Simply repeat the process through our booking link for each slot you would like to book.

There are less than 8 of us, can we book a whole 25-minute session for ourselves?

Absolutely. The sessions are for up to 8 people, so you could even book a session just for yourself surrounded by all the pups. Now that's living the dream!

Is there an age restriction for attendees?

The minimum age requirement for attendees is 16 years old. Please refrain from bringing children with you to the event, as they, unfortunately, won’t be able to attend.


How do I give you the names of the people in my party?

Once you have booked your time slot, one of the PIW Team will be in touch to get everyone's details for the session so the excitement can begin!

When should we arrive?

On the day, please arrive at the main reception of the building we are hosting no later than 15 minutes prior to the session you have put your name down for. You will have a contact from Paws in Work you can reach out to when you arrive, but please mention to any front-of-house team members at the venue that you are here for your Puppy Therapy session. One of our team will greet you and escort your group to our waiting area.

What's needed before we start?

You will be asked to remove your shoes and any other non-essential clothing, leaving your belongings in the waiting area. You are welcome to bring valuables with you. You will then be briefed by a member of our team, asked to use some hand sanitiser and taken into our set-up to meet the pups.

Is there a break?

There is a 5 minute-refresh/cleaning break in between each 25-minute session in order to prepare the setup for our next group and allow your group a chance to leave the event space. If you have booked more than one session then we invite you to use the 5-minute break as a chance to refresh and grab a drink before joining us back in the puppy playpen. Once your slot has finished, one of our team will take you back into the waiting room so you can put your shoes back on and grab your belongings.


How do you ensure your set-up remains clean and safe?

Cleanliness is paramount in everything that we do. To satisfy our licence, we have always used a number of specific veterinary-grade anti-bacterial cleaning products to ensure our pups are not exposed to the likes of Parvovirus and other canine-specific diseases whilst keeping humans safe too. This includes cleaning before and after an event and also when we get back to Paws HQ.

How do you implement this in your puppy therapy sessions?

Before and after your session we ask all attendees to wash and sanitise their hands, and to remove their outdoor shoes. We also ask you to remove any non-essential clothing and accessories ensuring there is no unnecessary contact with surfaces that can harbour germs.

Due to having these standards in place, we have not had to adjust our cleaning regime too rigorously. Participants will have minimal contact with any surfaces that we use other than the artificial grass, cushions/chairs and puppy toys within the setup – all of which are sprayed and wiped down in between sessions.

Do we need to bring hand sanitiser?

We have plenty of hand sanitiser with us so you will not need to bring your own.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Cancellation of booking

1.1 In the event that you need to cancel your booking, the following cancellation charges shall apply:

1.1.1 If notice of cancellation is received by Paws in Work at least 7 days prior to the date for the Puppy Therapy Event, a 20% deposit will be forfeited but all other fees paid will be refunded in full;

1.1.2 If notice of cancellation is received by Paws less than 7 days prior to the date for the Puppy Therapy Event, you will not eligible for any form of refund

1.2 In the event that Paws in Work cancels the event for any reason out of our control, i.e. a change in government guidelines, you will be entitled to a full refund including your 20% deposit.

1.3 If any member of your party is required to self-isolate, and therefore unable to attend the event, we will offer you the option of replacing their attendance with another person of your choice. This would be at your discretion and must be communicated to us prior to your session as our event hosts will only allow access to those whose names have been booked in advance. As this is a group booking for your company, we are not able to offer refunds to those of your party that are self-isolating.

1.4 Paws in Work reserves the right to cancel any session or booking, without refund, should a company and/or it’s participants fail to comply with any of the points set out in “2. Responsibilities/Code of Conduct”.

2. Responsibilities/ Code of Conduct

2.1 Your company shall ensure that:

2.1.1 All participants sign up to the event through your individual booking link, which will be provided to you by Paws in Work after confirming your booking. Participants must be signed up prior to attending and any changes to this must be clearly communicated to Paws in Work prior to attending.

2.1.2 All participants agree to comply with the Safety Instructions and House Rules Disclaimer as instructed in the booking link prior to confirming their attendance. For reference, please find our House Rules and Disclaimer here

2.1.3 Participants do not bring children under 16 years of age to the Puppy Therapy Sessions;

2.2 All participants shall ensure that they:

2.2.1 Comply with House Rules and Disclaimer they have agreed to in advance.

2.2.2 Respect Paws in Work’s wishes at any time regarding the handling and interaction with all puppies.

2.2.3 Wear a face mask at all times unless medically exempt.

2.3.4 Follow instructions from Paws in Work at all times.

2.3 Paws in Work shall ensure they:

2.3.1 Provide a safe and suitable environment for the intended activity of Puppy Therapy at all times

2.3.2 Ensure the safety and welfare of the puppies, as well as the participants, is paramount at all times

3. Disclaimer

3.1 Whilst puppies can be playful and energetic, they also need time to rest and will have periods where they are less active. Paws in Work will always ensure that the puppies are able to behave in a way that is natural to them and in their best interests at all times. Therefore, we can not guarantee that you will have an active session or likewise a sleepy/cuddly session. With this in mind, we ask that participants also allow the puppies to behave as they wish and follow our instructions with regard to handling and interacting with the puppies at all times.

For any other questions please refer to our usual FAQ’s page here.

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