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We're dedicated to bringing a little corner of sunshine into your workplace; a short break to relax, focus on your mental wellbeing and most importantly - play with some adorable pups.

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office dogs
June 28, 2022

parsnip & emma

Meeting the UK's favourite colleagues! This week we are working with a very special duo from Surrey. Check out what they get up to on a typical day!

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June 10, 2022

inside paws hq - may

Best job in the world? We can't deny it! Find out what we got up to at Paws in Work in May. Warning: cute puppy content.

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mental health
June 09, 2022

why do my employees need mental health first aid training?

Find out why Mental Health First Aiders are excellent advocates for good company culture and how Paws in Work can help implement them in your workplace.

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