Mental Health Manager Training

Who is this course for?

Our management mental health course is ideal for managers who wish to put staff wellbeing at the heart of their leadership skills. We’ll give managers the tools to spot the signs of staff mental ill-health and signpost their employees to get the right kind of help.

The way we work is becoming more and more diverse and dispersed. And the mental health challenges that people face can be varied and triggered by many different factors. Leaders need to be confident in supporting their staff. The right kind of mental health training designed for managers can help them build their confidence.

Providing your managers with a mental health toolkit and training also makes sure there’s a consistent approach to mental health across departments, wherever they’re based. Managers who support the mental health of their staff will encourage employees to thrive, which could lead to increased talent retention and create a happier healthier workforce.

What can I expect?

By the end of the course, you will gain:

49% of line managers report a wish for basic training in common mental health conditions.

Employees who have the support of their business and especially their managers can be some of the most productive and, more importantly, content people around.

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