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are you still able to run during the coronavirus pandemic?

A question we get often at the moment. Here is an in-depth understanding into how our events are still able to operate during this time.


are you still operating during at this time?

Until further guidance, we are running our events as usual. We have had to take various measures described below to ensure the safety of our guests and pups, however as it currently stands we are able to execute events in a manner that is both safe and hassle-free. Please continue to refer back to this page for updates as they happen.

can we move our event date if need be?

Whilst we are now able to run our events, we understand that not everybody is back in the office and every company will have a different time-frame as to when they might return. In turn, we are offering flexibility in delaying any event which is affected by Covid-19, and unable to go ahead on the original date, at no extra cost.

do we get a refund if our event is cancelled?

Prior to any booking being confirmed, a full contract is sent over to you as part of your booking form, highlighting all areas of cancellation and rebookings. We have adapted our contract during the pandemic as we believe in complete transparency, feeling confident that you will have a clear understanding as to what is within your rights at the time of booking, and knowing exactly where you will stand with refunds, rebookings and credit notes.

can we use the money spent on our event for mental health training instead?

Since the flexibility of some mental health training courses now being accessible online over video, we have recently given clients the ability to repurpose this spend in our newly launched training services. This helps keep the focus on staff, at a time they need it most. Should this be something you wish to discuss, please speak to your booking contact directly to organise.


how do you ensure your set up remains clean and safe?

Cleanliness is paramount in everything that we do. To satisfy our licence, we have always used a number of specific veterinary grade anti-bacterial cleaning products to ensure our pups are not exposed to the likes of Parvovirus and other canine-specific diseases whilst keeping humans safe too. This includes cleaning before and after an event and also when we get back to Paws HQ.

how do you implement this in your therapy sessions?

Before and after your session we ask all attendees to wash and sanitise their hands, and to remove their outdoor shoes. We also ask you to remove any non-essential clothing and accessories ensuring there is no unnecessary contact with surfaces that can harbour germs.

Due to having these standards in place, we have not had to adjust our cleaning regime too rigorously. Participants will have minimal contact with any surfaces that we use other than the artificial grass, cushions/chairs and puppy toys within the setup – all of which are sprayed and wiped down in between sessions.

do we need to bring hand sanitiser?

We have plenty of hand sanitiser with us so you will not need to bring your own.

do we need to bring a mask?

Yes, we ask you to bring your own face mask on the day.


how do we social distance during our event?

Prior to your session, we ask that you arrive no more than a couple of minutes before it is due to begin. We will then ask you to wait in a designated area where you can stand apart whilst we brief you of the house rules.

Our set-up is large enough to suitably social distance, however, this also greatly depends on your office set up. Typically, we will continue to aim at executing events at our usual capacity of staff in each session. You will be designated a space to sit and we will ask you to remain there for the duration of your session. PIW staff will be on hand for anything you need and don’t worry, we will make sure you get plenty of time with the pups.

Once your session is finished, we will help you to leave the set-up socially distanced so you can return to your shoes and any other belongings safely.

should I wear a mask?

Currently, masks are optional and whether it is made compulsory is decided by the organisers of the event within your company. As standard, we do not provide masks for participants so please check with the organiser and bring your own if necessary. Rest assured, Paws in Work staff will have masks on, and we will constantly be checking for updates to ensure we operate to satisfy the latest government guidelines.

can dogs contract covid-19?

There have been very few cases of any animal contracting Covid-19 and they only tend to show mild symptoms, recovering within just a few days. There is currently no evidence that suggests pets can transmit the virus to humans.

can the puppies carry covid-19 on their fur?

Officially, studies suggest that Covid-19 can be carried on animal fur. So, for this reason, we take all precautions necessary to keep our participants safe. Ensuring our puppies are clean before we bring them to any event and managing our sanitation processes fully, we minimise the risk of any contamination at our events. All participants are provided with blankets to protect their clothes, and in turn, protect our pups. We also run through some simple house rules, such as asking that people do not kiss the puppies at any time, no matter how cute they are!

how do paws staff keep safe?

Paws in Work staff who are likely to come in to close contact with participants will wear PPE (visor and gloves) to ensure we keep everyone safe. Other staff who are not actively coming into close contact with staff will wear face coverings and we will continually be using hand sanitiser and/or gloves throughout the event.


do i need to sign in to a separate ‘track & trace’ system for the event?

To ensure as much safety for our customers, we have implemented a specific track and trace system at our puppy therapy events. This will work exactly the same as the existing NHS track and trace app, checking you in to your event, however will be exclusively for the attendees.

can i attend if i am displaying symptoms of covid-19?

We ask that if you are or have displayed symptoms (persistent cough, high temperature, lack of sense of smell and/or taste) in the two weeks prior to the event that you do not attend your session and you let the organiser of your event know immediately. This is most likely in line with your office regulations but we ask everyone to confirm that they are symptom-free when attending their session. If you develop symptoms after you have booked your session, please let us know so we can offer your space to someone else this time around.

It is our absolute priority to obtain our clients trust in our puppy therapy events and to ensure they run smoothly, successfully and risk-free. We are constantly looking at ways to better our service, ensuring our staff are trained to the best of their ability, ensuring the wellbeing of our participants, puppies and team alike.

If your questions are not answered above, please feel free to send them to and our team will get back to you with an answer in due course.

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